This week's for is showing off some amazing trees that Clover put together with a cool foliage shader I whipped up that I'm pretty happy with.

Another belated for this time just showing off the updated Belly system inspired by Valheim's food system. Current food bonuses are now shown on the far right side of the inventory bar.

This week's is not very exciting but quite satisfying. Props that use the terrain shader like the large stone structures now have their biome material values match the biome they're in. Plus construction objects now clip into their surroundings less when placing them. It's nice.

This week's update is: Spawn clusters! It's nothing fancy, but it really helps make world generation more believable and fun to explore? It's just a kind of subtable in my spawn/loot table system, but with min and max number of spawns per cluster and a radius. I've also added things like a loading bar and a failed attempt at terrain LOD but they don't quite screenshot as well 😅

Well the slime was gonna show up in a post for eventually, so here it is. Tell me, how does the slime make you feel?

on a Sunday this time. Riot asked if we have weather like sandstorms in the game and I said "We can!" Plus I've done the first step for getting biomes working in the game which is updating the terrain shader to be able to blend between different texture sets based on biome data.

Hey , another update! Clover asked "Do we have a day night cycle?" and I answered "We can!"

Another update! Construction! Getting all the little visual glitches sorted was actually the biggest challenge for this one, especially making sure the raycast doesn't just hit the back of the player's head, but I'm liking this as a start to the system.

As appears to be tradition for here's a Monday showing off... a crafting system! I wanted it to feel physical but also be super portable? So the result is a crafting bowl that goes in your inventory rather than a full bench that has to be actually built. And of course you hit it with a stick to do the actual crafting 😁

Haven't posted an update for for a while but it's so... I kinda added procedural landscapes... and multiplayer 😅


for this week is just me being surprised, once again, at how easy something is to do it . Here's click and drag inventory slots in implemented in about 20 mins.

for this week features this little fella by ZĂŠ Burnay that I absolutely fell in love with on Twitter and wanted to try recreating in 3d. Here's Pinecrab modeled in and procedurally animated in with 's new skeleton modification stack.

Monday again for . I've been working on a shader to make my heightmap terrains look nice. This one is a combination of a triplanar shader by @yafd and a stochastic sampling shader for unity by /u/rotoscope. I've put it up on github here: