Today I clenched my teeth and got through it.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night, none the less I was up bright and early and off to the city where my work day started with a meeting with the boss of the company where he explained that there had been a massive downsizing with almost all staff having reduced hours. My low weekly hours and flexibility meant that I came out mostly unharmed but it’s still super scary to know that that’s the situation.

I spent the rest of the morning trying to get all my support tickets dealt with before going away which was only partially successful at best and then sleeve the afternoon trying desperately to catch up on the code I was supposed to be working on in the morning. I realised around lunch time that I had entered slow burn panic attack mode when I had trouble plugging my phone in and then later wedged myself tightly into the corner of an otherwise empty elevator, you know, like sane people do. Eventually though it was five o’clock and I just bailed. The train ride home couldn’t go fast enough and then I was home in my house with my Emily. I changed into my onesie, put on Court of Swords and spent the evening on the couch fiddling with games stuff I want to have done before games week on the laptop.

I slept too little (40%)

I ate ok (50%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

I didn’t practice my voice (0 mins)

Tomorrow I’m working from home in the morning and then have the afternoon to tend to errands and chores for getting things ready for games week.

COMMISSIONS OPEN STARTING NOVEMBER 10TH!Hullo pals! I have... by  BlackwoolHoliday BlackwoolHoliday( )


Hullo pals! I have decided to begin taking some commissions for character art / portraits. This is for two reasons; 1. Motivation to draw more often! 2. An extra source of income, as my partner and I are in a pretty tricky financial situation at the moment. 

You can commission me to draw Your RPG characters, other OCs, family, friends etc. This commission will belong to you to share/keep as you wish, I only request that you link to my website, or to this tumblr BlackwoolHoliday. You are not permitted to sell the commission for profit, but I will also not sell it elsewhere.

Please feel free to message me here or email me at to put in your request. Please include a description of the character’s personality, as well as physical description, and any reference pictures or inspiration for outfits / face / body type if you have them. This will help me to capture your character’s personality truthfully!

I will not draw gore, self harm, or violence. I will be able to deny a request if I am uncomfortable.

Further payment details:

  • The prices listed above are for character-focused drawings, without detailed backgrounds. This is my forte, so by default, that’s what you’ll get. If you would like to request a background or extra characters, that will cost a little extra but it is totally doable! Just let me know in your request and I’ll provide a quote.
  • You will be able to request minor changes with the drawing but any major changes will result in a fee.
  • Payment will be upfront.
  • I will be receiving payment through PayPal.

Currently I have 8 spots available. 

If you are interested contact me at my email to chat about details, and if I am happy to accept your request I will give you instructions on how to pay (as my paypal is a different email address)

Thanks so much for your patronage!

Today I didn’t have the best time.

I was up and dressed and at my desk ready for work this morning only to find that whenever I had a question the person I needed was either not around or not responding to my slack messages. Some time into the morning I then had a random intense dysphoria attack and ended up crying on Emily for a little bit before going back to my desk. Then, just as I was about to finish work I got a call from one of the company bosses asking to have a coffee tomorrow morning  to discuss some stuff related to a dire sounding meeting about staffing that they’d had of which they told me I was probably the least affected but that didn’t make me feel any less completely terrified. Guess I’ll find out about that tomorrow morning!

Once I was done with work it was time to give BMO a fly he was really nice to start with but then just as i was about to go clean the bathroom he suddenly decided to have a tantrum and bite my hand. Then later while I was cleaning came into the bathroom and had another tantrum at me for being too close to his bath dish with the cloth I was cleaning with. Emily ended up coming in and bathing him properly to keep him distracted while I cleaned. By the time we were done it was time to get ourselves ready to go visit Julia and Eli and Rhiannon in Willunga which took slightly longer than expected but we made it in the end.

Once we were there Emily had photos taken with some of the foster kittens that are there at the moment, we had tasty dinner, lovely chats, a bit of a clothes swap and a game of Carcassonne. Unfortunately with nine cats in the house even after taking antihistamines I spent pretty much being a hazy snuffly sneezy mess and we stayed there pretty late because we like hanging out with them. When we did eventually get home I ended up being even later to sleep because I wanted to try and fix our suddenly not working internet to no avail.

I slept ok (55%)

I ate pretty well (70%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

I didn’t practice my voice (0 mins)

Tomorrow is a scary work day which I’m desperately hoping ends up with me just working on adding error log lines to a bunch of code that needs it.