Today I dealt with each thing as it came up.

I woke this morning after a lovely sleep in to 37 pieces of feedback on the article I’m writing and they’re all super valuable but every time I make the suggested changes I feel like it sounds less and less like me. Every time I get to the next one I have this internal struggle between a good suggestion from a person I trust that looks right, and feeling like I’m losing myself in my own text.

I also found out that a campaign I organised for IANTTKY would need to be rescheduled. We eventually worked out a new time but it’s left a gap that I will have to fill in the meantime.

We were supposed to play World of Warcraft with Alison this afternoon but we are completely broke until payday so Alison lent us the money for sub time, except the money transfer which has always been and is advertised as instant didn’t go through straight away which we only worked out after an hour or two of fucking around and calling the bank for an inadequate​ explanation, which they provided as condescendingly as possible.

After we’d given up on World of Warcraft for the day Emily happened to find something on line which upset her in an unexpected way and so we spent a good couple of hours working through that and dealing with her head stuff around that which was super valuable but took a lot of spoons from both of us.

I had a shower to get ready for I Am Not Trying To Kill You and Emily came and sat with me cause I knew I was emotionally pretty low which was great but she had to go back to her desk when I was trying to get dressed and being shouted at by the bird so that definitely took longer than it should have due to moods. I also wanted to do weird makeup again for the stream today and I had some cool ideas but it was pretty obvious that I had gone into “this looks weird but not in a cool way” territory with my first attempt and only managed to salvage some of it with some fixes. Still looked weird but at least it was ok enough to go on stream.

The game of The Quiet Year was actually super rad though. The audio issues were easier to manage thanks to the changes in my setup and we had a really amazing and fun time actually playing the second half of the game together so that was a total win.

Tomorrow, I’ve got a full day at work and I’m kind of dreading it just because I don’t feel like I’m rested and ready enough but that’s the drum beat I’m marching to sonic just hope I can find a nice focus for my work for the day.

Today I channeled my inner terrible teen.

We had a nice sleep in this morning and then had breakfast together before I finally made it into the shower. I ended up needing Emily to come and sit in the bathroom with me though because my brain went into meltdown pretty quickly. After getting myself cleaned up and dressed I did my makeup and hair and took a bunch of selfies because I suddenly looked amazing. It was bizarre to go from so low to so high in some ways but that’s apparently just how my brain do.

I managed to do a little work on my article I’m writing and then it was suddenly Torchbearer time. As a group we did a good job of advancing through the dungeon we’re in and I got to spotlight my character in a couple of cool ways including how much of a fucking train wreck of a human being she is which was super neat and I’m excited to see what lies ahead next week.

After Torchbearer we edited vods for the most recent episode of I Am Not Trying To Kill You and then took the laptop to the bedroom to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine before sleep.

Tomorrow we’re gonna play World of Warcraft and then play The Quiet Year on stream in the evening which I’m pretty keen for.

Today I had feelings about pirates.

BMO woke everyone, including Bear who slept in our couch, up today with much yelling. We all got ourselves tidied up and headed to the Farmer’s Market where we had a small wander and bought a couple of veggies but mostly got tea and coffee and amazing cakes for breakfast/morning tea.

We also swapped over to my new corolla which I may have accidentally named “Short John” because it is small and silver.

We came back home and I did the dishes before crashing on the couch which then devolved into a nap. When I awoke Bear had prepared some of the most delicious risotto I’ve ever tasted which we are as we all watched the last two episodes of Black Sails which were a big ol time. 

Afterwards we sat with it for a little bit before moving to the office so I could do a little work and Emily could edit summer photos and we continued like that for most of the rest of the evening. We did also manage to have some really productive chats towards the end of the night, though, before Bear had to leave to get home, after which I was pretty much exhausted so I crashed back on the couch for some No Man’s Sky while Emily finished her editing.

Tomorrow is gonna be fairly chill again, I think, with Torchbearer in the evening and not much before it. Hopefully I can make a little progress on a couple of project tasks that are waiting for my attention before then, now that I’ve got the dishes out of the way.