Today I ran Goblin Heart ( for a bunch of people I love.

I was genuinely surprised how well it worked and did the things we wanted it to do and it was so lovely to get to play with so many of my beautiful friends who all seemed to have such a great time. We had delicious bakery lunch and then later I MIGHT have wasted an hour of everyone’s time with a shaggy dog story. Dave wrote me a note about it.

The day was all just so much fun and my heart is just so full of love now. Thankyou so much to the beautiful friends that made today amazing. ❤💕

Today it was my birthday and I streamed for 13 hours. I was up around eight thirty and opened my present from Emily. An amazing dress that I decided I had to wear today. We started streaming around half past ten and played Across The Endless Sea with Emily and Elf and Andrew and then Andrew and Emily continued on with me for four hours of Minecraft and a cake for lunch. Then by that time it was dinner time so we got pizza and played DungeonWorld with Emily and Luke and Melody which was super great and a lovely way to round out the evening. I ate so many tasty things and I’m so exhausted but I had such a nice time and it was so lovely to get to spend time with the people who joined me on stream and all the amazing people in my chat and the people who came and visited to give me a hug even if only briefly. What a great birthday! Tomorrow Dave is coming around for coworking and the weather is gonna be real nice so I’m gonna try and get good work done and then relax.

On Tuesday I didn’t get enough work done. I spent most of the day feeling nervous about the work I needed to get done and then distracting myself so eventually when the end of the workday rocked around I hadn’t really achieved anything. Luckily for me though after work I got to meet up with Melody and go hang out at her place for the evening which was really lovely and relaxing and I got to see Sarah and it was just a really nice time.

On Wednesday I watched a speedrun.

I wasn’t super on task during the working part of the day but I managed to get enough done to feel slightly less panicky. After work Emily and I did a space date No Man’s Sky stream together which was really super lovely with great chat. Afterwards Emily headed out for the evening and I went and got fish and chips for dinner and ate them while watching a Crash Bandicoot 2 speedrun which is the first time I’ve ever really bothered to watch a whole speedrun but it was really interesting because it’s a game I’ve played a lot and have feelings about.

On Saturday I mostly chilled out.

In the morning I was up early for my Hand Of Fate 2 stream which was really fun despite the game being quite difficult. In the evening we watched all of the remaining episodes of Stranger Things Season Two which was great, though not as tight as the first season.

On Sunday I played a lots of amazing roleplaying games.

We delayed our start with Girl By Moonlight by an hour which meant that Melody could come down and play from our place and Andrew had enough time to get settled which was really good. The game itself was amazing and had some really solid deep roleplaying and I felt like I did really well on the sensory descriptions of my scenes. Afterwards Emily and Melody and I headed out to the bakery for lunch and then in the evening Emily and I played Stonetop with Luke and Liam online and I really enjoyed it. I loved playing my character and the game flows so nicely. It was just great.

Today, Monday, I slept through half the day.

It was really warm today so I put a load of laundry on early and then we headed out to the shops to grab some essentials. Back at home we spent most of the rest of the day watching Court Of Swords and I alternated between doing the dishes and napping on the couch. Eventually in the evening though I had a shower and put on my makeup and ran what was a pretty good episode of Alas For The Awful Sea on stream which was really fun.

Tomorrow I’m working in the city but I get to see Melody in the evening which will be nice.

Today I got some tasks done.

I got up a little early today, had my long shower, got dressed and then made breakfasts for Em and I and then managed to feed BMO and the finches and clean the kitchen and toilet before work. Work itself was mostly a bust where I couldn’t get things done for most of the day but I managed to sort out a little more of my birthday stuff so that was a win. Plus Dave arrived for coworking which was nice. After work I managed to make some progress on some commissioned work I’ve got and we ate some of the strawberry and rhubarb pie Emily baked and drank chai and then Emily headed off to her mum’s for the night.

Dave and I went for a walk after seeing Emily off and wound up at Fridays after five and got some dinner before heading back to the house to spend the evening sleepily watching Robot Wars and Adam Savage videos.

Tomorrow I’m gonna play some Hand Of Fate 2 on stream in the morning and then I’m honestly not sure what happens after that.

Today I had the second most tough mental health struggle.

I worked from home today because my headspace was really shaky and it didn’t improve much but watching Adam and Bluejay and Elf stream really helped me stay afloat. Emily was out most of the day having to deal with some super tough stuff so when she got home it was nice to be able to make tasty pasta for dinner and sit and watch Stranger Things and then Thomas Sanders videos all evening.

Tomorrow Dave is coming round and I’m working from home and hopefully getting some cleaning done.

On Friday I was so excited for the weather to turn warm. I worked in the morning and Dave came around to cowork. Forb lunch I headed out into the lovely warm and got a prawn and chorizo pie from the bakery and it was amazing. In the evening after Emily had headed to her mum’s Dave and I went and got Paella for dinner at Fridays after five and then came back and watched the first episode of the new Robot Wars and then a bunch of Adam Savage videos.

On Saturday I played Hand Of Fate 2 on stream in the morning which was super neat. After my stream Dave turned up and the three of us had chai before I headed out to a doctor’s appointment which ended up being super late. After the doctor’s appointment I headed around to Simon and Jess’s and we had dinner and talked shit until 2am and then I crashed there on their spare bed.

On Sunday I had a nice lazy morning, having home made English muffins with Simon and Jess for breakfast and then ambling my way home after that. I’m not sure what happened to the rest of that day but I’m pretty sure it was mostly just chilling out.

On Monday I got shut down with a migraine. I spent basically the whole day napping today, apart from managing to get a load of laundry done and putting away the clean dishes. We started playing Alas For The Awful Sea on stream but Hayley’s technical difficulties and my growing headache meant that we cut it out after an hour and a half and then I spent the rest of the evening on the couch with a wet cloth over my eyes.

On Tuesday I had a diagnostic psych session. I only worked till lunch time and a bunch of that was meetings but after that I headed to Flinders and met up with Emily and spent a bit over an hour unearthing and digging through my trauma and mental health issues. Afterwards we went and got frozen yoghurt as a reward and then I went and spent the evening hanging out with Melody.

Today (Wednesday) we found out the results of the Marriage Equality survey. They came back positive and we should have Marriage Equality by Christmas but it was a pretty emotional time. After work we ran an errand and then spent the evening playing Minecraft on stream with Andrew which is always such a gosh darn lovely time.