Ashton McAllan

Hi! I’m Ash and I’m a gamemaster, game designer, streamer, and occasional code witch. I focus on systemic narratives, small and indie games, and supporting diverse and marginalized voices.

You can hire me to GM roleplaying games for you!

My Channel

On my channel you will find:

  • Roguelikes and other procgen games
  • Game design sessions
  • Tabletop Roleplaying Games

I Am Not Trying To Kill You is a show where I run a variety of different RPGs and storygames with friends and members of the ttrpg community. Sometimes we do one-shots, some times we do campaigns. We always have fun.

The Splintering Wheel is an ongoing “Westmarches” style Dungeon World campaign where the cast changes week to week.

My Roleplaying Games:

The Republic
The Republic, a game about element bending social justice warriors.
Between Dreams
Between Dreams, a game about reclaiming intimacy in the haunted everyday.
Goblin Heart
Goblin Heart, a game about being a group of goblins together.
In Which We Live And Breathe
In Which We Live And Breathe, a properly cyberpunk fantasy game.
Antiquarian Adventures
Antiquarian Adventures, a treasure hunting TTRPG.
Oracle, a fortune telling roleplaying game.
Footprints, a game about leaving marks on places and things.
It's Personal
It’s Personal, a game about messy assassin relationships
Goblins In A Trenchcoat
Goblins In A Trenchcoat, a game to be played on twitter.
Psycheball, A game about psychic battlesport in cyberspace.

My Other Roleplaying Game Work:

Breakfast Cult Roll20 Sheets
Breakfast Cult Roll20 Sheets
5e Variant Humans
5e Variant Humans, a variant that makes humans in 5e interesting.
Traits for 5e
Traits for 5e, a manageable replacement for inspiration.
Item Drop 5e Treasure Tables
Item Drop 5e Treasure Tables, a way of generating treasure items with history.
AshtonHand Clocks
Hand Drawn Clocks for AW/Blades in Roll20
Lonely Engines
An experimental nano-game about robots finding connection in surprising places.

Digital Games:

The Garden Embassy
The Garden Embassy: an Exceptional Story for Fallen London
The Felined Eccentric
The Felined Eccentric: an officer for Sunless Skies
Fallen London: Daylight
Daylight: an Exceptional Story for Fallen London
Amygdala, a disembodied head roguelike platformer.
Monadnock, a puzzle game about trust.
We Are Seeds
We Are Seeds, an ARG about growing a garden of hope together.
Storyspirit, a Minecraft mod adding quests, dungeons, and minibosses.
Polearms for Caves Of Qud
Polearms for Caves Of Qud.
Broken Mountains
Broken Mountains, A sidescrolling-shooter-as-music-video-clip
Infinite Ski Run
An infinite scrolling ski game.
😍❤️️🐟, a dating memory game made for Emojiam
Zoo Bingo
Zoo Bingo, a way to play pokemon snap in real life.