GoT: Tale Of Crows

An ethically designed narrative idle game set in the frozen north of the world of HBO's Game Of Thrones.

Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows is a narrative idle game set in the frozen North of Westeros. Players take up the mantle of a succession of commanders of the Night's Watch at Castle Black over the course of the 8000 years of history preceding the events of the Game Of Thrones television series. They send out expeditions into the Wildling lands north of the wall and make decisions when presented with situations either from within Castle Black or from ravens carrying messages from those out on expedition.

The game sets a deliberately slow pace, often telling players to leave the game and return later as no new content will be available for a while. It also never shows numbers on screen, instead demanding that the narrative progression be the driving force of ongoing play. Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows attempts to eschew the bling and manipulative mechanics common to the idle game genre to create an example of how ethical design can be successful with sufficient artistry.

You can find Game Of Throne: Tale Of Crows on Apple Arcade.

Fallen London

An gothic horror online RPG set 40 years after London was stolen by bats.

Fallen London is a long form interactive fiction based RPG set in an alternate timeline Victorian London 40 years after the city was stolen by bats and placed into the great subterranean sea that exists beneath the surface of the earth.

I wrote two of Fallen London's premium content Exceptional Stories in 2018 and 2019.

Daylight sees the player travel to an island in the Unterzee coated in artificial daylight and a miniature village, haunted by a terrifying shadow.

Garden Embassy explores the fates of the antipodean colonies in the alternate timeline of the Fallen London universe through the lens of an ambassadorial ball.

December’s Exceptional Story: Daylight

Failbetter are an independent games studio, creating games and stories...

Failbetter Games
June's Exceptional Story: The Garden Embassy

Failbetter are an independent games studio, creating games and stories...

Failbetter Games

Sunless Skies

A Gothic Horror CRPG of exploration and exquisite storytelling.

Sunless Skies is Failbetter Games' sequel to Sunless Sea and the third game set in the Fallen London universe. It is a Gothic horror sci-fi roleplaying game depicting the heavens conquered by an alternate timeline Victorian era British Empire and casts players as the captains of locomotives which steam between ports of the High Wilderness carrying out trade, errands, investigations and all manner of sundry tasks.

I was brought on to Sunless Skies initially as a queer representation consultant through RepresentMe. As a result of that consultation I was brought onto the team to co-write the Felined Eccentric officer questline. While working with the Failbetter team I also contributed one of the game's Facets, elements of the player character's history that the player can choose for themselves as a part of the levelling up process, and expanded the list of terms of address that the player can choose for their character.

You can find Sunless Skies on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, Switch, and

Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition on Steam



A simple quick start dungeon delving ttrpg to hack and build your own table's game upon.

dungeonpunk is a simple fantasy tabletop roleplaying game designed be easy to start play with and easy to hack and expand on with house rules and supplements. The game is a simple stripped back set of rules based on Apocalypse World and Blades In The Dark provided under a Creative Commons Zero or Public Domain license with a community wiki available at all in the hopes of building an ecosystem of moves, monsters, house rules, supplements, and hacks that can be shared and used according to each tables' needs. The hope is that if players want to "Play some DnD" that dungeonpunk will let them get started quickly and easily and let them add the complexity they want as they go.

You can find dungeonpunk on itch and also on the community wiki at

In Which We Live And Breathe

A TTRPG that puts the Punk back in Cyberpunk Fantasy

In Which We Live And Breathe is a fantasy cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game modelled after the fiction of Shadowrun but based on the rules of Blades In The Dark. It depicts a world that is filled with magic, fantastic creatures and people, and riddled with cyberpunk dystopia. It provides a system for players to create vibrant living characters and see those characters fight to build community and resist the corporations that seek to control every aspect of their lives.

In Which We Live And Breathe is available on itch and DriveThruRpg.

In Which We Live And Breathe (early access) - MachineSpirit |


A card based roleplaying game set in the future of a fortune telling.

Oracle is a card based roleplaying game told in the future tense wherein a group of adventurers consult a fortune teller to discover what fate lays in store for them before they set out on a quest. It is inspired by tarot, Hand Of Fate, and Court Of Swords. It is currently available as Print-and-Play early access while assets are being developed for a formal print run of the game.

You can find the Early Access version of Oracle on itch.


A pokemon clone for people whose favourite pokemon was Missingno

Mutamon is an ongoing project to recreate the excitement of discovering new pokemon in long grass by using an evolutionary simulation to generate endlessly varied digital monsters, shaped by natural selection in the virtual environment.

Players are limited to exploring their own immediate area which contains a limited set of environments that monsters can live in. Players catching monsters and then connecting to other players to trade and battle creates temporary bridges between populations to allow the flow of individuals and further spur on evolutionary growth. The ongoing design challenge of creating Mutamon is the merging of the evolutionary simulation with fun and natural feeling exploration and battling for the player.

You can find Mutamon on itch.

Echo Down

A roguelike townbuilder where you build your settlement upon the ruins other players'.

Echo Down was built for the 2021 7 Day Roguelike Challenge. The game's core premise is that while you as a player are building your town by collecting resources from the dungeons beneath it, your town is being used as the template for different layers of the dungeon ruins beneath the towns of other players, and in turn, their towns are being used to generate the ruins beneath yours. I developed it with Keith Evans and Clover Greenhalgh.

Given the online nature of the game, its ambitious design, and the 7 day development time, Echo Down is currently in a pretty rough state with a lot of bugs and downtime, but I hope to return to it in future to polish it into a neat small play experience that explores a novel mechanic.

You can find Echo Down on itch.

Dead Planet

A survival horror scifi ttrpg for James D'Amato's Ultimate MicroRPG Book

The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book is a collection of 40 micro RPGs by different authors, all fittin on one double sided page. My contribution to this project was Dead Planet, the culmination of several years of trying to make a ttrpg with a crafting system as a central mechanic, inspired by The Martian by Andy Weir. Having played with trying to centralise crafting over multiple iterations of the design, the final system takes a simple approach based on the Workshop move of the Savvyhead in Apocalypse World, which allows the players to choose the depth at which they want to engage with those themes.

The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book can be found at all major booksellers.

Cut To The Chase

A tabletop roleplaying game for playing out exciting stories of hunters and prey.

Cut To The Chase was written by Johnathon Grach with 15 co-authors contributing example scenarios to be used with the system. I contributed an Indiana Jones inspired scenario set in the interwar period featuring the race to return a sacred artefact to its rightful place before being captured by the Illuminati.

Cut To The Chase can be found on DriveThruRPG.

Cut to the Chase

A short-form tabletop RPG for two players. Collaborate as hunter and prey to...


Hack The Planet

A cyberpunk ttrpg about rebellion after the climate apocalypse

Hack The Planet is a cyberpunk climate fiction game based on Blades In The Dark published by Samjoko Publishing. Players play a band of rebels trying to harness energy from climactic weather events as part of their ongoing quest to claw out a place for themselves in a world destroyed by climate change.

As kickstarter stretch goals I contributed a crew type, two regions, and two factions.

Hack The Planet is available on DriveThruRPG.

Hack the Planet: Cyberpunk Forged in the Dark - Samjoko Publishing |

Fly By Night

A Sunless Skies fan TTRPG

Fly By Night is a love letter to the Sunless Skies setting in TTRPG form. Sunless Skies has an official tabletop roleplaying game, available for free as promotional material for Skies, but it's design makes it inappropriate for the style of play that I and my community want to engage in. In the tabletop roleplaying game design world there is a saying that if you wish for something you have to make it and so I made a game set in a Sunless Skies style setting but based off the rules of Blades In The Dark which is an excellent system for running games about crews of players working together in some common endeavour, in this case the crew of a sky locomotive.

The 17 page PDF contains rules for 11 character classes, managing and upgrading a sky locomotive, and GMing the terrifying boundless heavens with example Discoveries and Indomitable Forces.

Fly By Night is available at

Rise Of The Basilisk

An official alternate timeline for FATE Of Cthulhu about dangerous ideas

Rise Of The Basilisk was a stretch goal for the FATE Of Cthulhu kickstarter. It is one of several alternate timelines which the heroes of FATE Of Cthulhu must try and disrupt by traveling back in time from the doomed future. Most of the timelines for FATE Of Cthulhu explore a timeline doomed by one of the great old ones of the Cthulhu mythos. Rise Of The Basilisk, however, takes the idea of the Necronomicon, a book, or knowledge, which sends those who behold it mad, and expands upon it dramatically, asking what would happen if such dangerous information were disseminated through the internet and spread throughout the world. This is where it gets its name "Rise Of The Basilisk" where a Basilisk is something which is dangerous to behold or an idea which is harmful to its thinker.

The supplement provides a full description of the doomed timeline and four key points for player characters to intervene to try and save humanity from the Godthink Basilisk including stat blocks and moves for NPCs, enemies, and places.

Rise Of The Basilisk is available on DriveThruRpg.

Fate of Cthulhu Timeline • The Rise of the Basilisk - Evil Hat Productions, LLC | Fate Worlds (Big) |


A ttrpg about exploring in the tracks of others.

Footprints is an entry from the 2017 200 word RPG challenge. It is designed to be printed out, written on during play, and then passed on to others after playing. It is inspired by the Chain World project.

You can get Footprints from

The Cult of Minecraft: Chain World

You could play Minecraft right now, very, very easily. What you couldn't...

Rock Paper Shotgun

We Are Seeds

An augmented reality map game about spreading messages of hope.

We Are Seeds is a web-based mobile augmented reality map game where players plant messages of hope in real world locations and then when other players visit that location and open the message in the app, the message grows, eventually blossoming into a flower. Players can then, over time, by planting and reading messages, grow gardens of hope on the map together.

We Are Seeds was developed for #ResistJam by Emily McAllan, Dave Reece, and myself.

You can We Are Seeds it by visiting on your gps-enabled mobile device.

The Republic

A TTRPG about marginalised characters bending the elements to rise up against their oppressors.

The Republic is a result of the Threeforged TTRPG design competition.

I created a novel dice mechanic for roleplaying element bending ala Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend Of Korra, Vincent Baker based on the associations of platonic solids (and thus dice shapes) with the primal elements described by Plato in the Timaeus dialogue.

Vincent Baker then took the inspiration from Plato a step further and built the fiction of old philosophical masters seeking to destroy the corrupt and oppressive Republic they have created.

Mark Redacted expanded the text further and polished it into a more unified document.

During the discussion and voting period, the concern was raised that the game that had been developed created a problematic white savior narrative and so after the judging for the competition was complete I got permission from Vincent and Mark to develop the game further into something that plays out a story of the marginalized and oppressed rising up and freeing themselves. The result is The Republic which still employs its novel dice mechanic and uses the power to bend the elements as metaphor for the means of production and the bearing of arms, and also a strong set of systems for constructing an oppressive republic, and then following the struggle of those rising up against it.

You can find The Republic on and DriveThruRPG.

The Republic Early Access - MachineSpirit |


A roguelite 2d action platformer where you play as a disembodied head searching for the wizard that stole his body

Amygdala was the the first and only project released by the MachineSpirit microstudio which I founded in 2013. Leading a six person team I was responsible for game design, direction, and about half of code written. We released Amygdala on itch in 2014 and Steam in 2015 through the greenlight voting process. Amygdala was made in Java with LibGDX and Box2d.

You can get Amygdala on and Steam.

Amygdala on Steam

His body stolen by an angry wizard, an ordinary man must venture into a...

Dear late stage capitalism, I have been a good worker this financial year,

I would like a game of the I Am Legend novel, and an epic fantasy blockbuster film of the story of Darius The Great the way he tells it with hints sprinkled throughout to show he's not a reliable narrator.

(This was a lie. She had not been a good and obedient worker.)