Is it just me or has webhosting and domain name registration not really gotten any cheaper in the last decade and a half? Isn't that insane? That feels like the biggest impediment to whatever utopian internet we'd all like to imagine.

When writing and looking for words I always fall into this trap of turning to thesauruses, reverse dictionaries, visuwords, or even chatgpt, all to just try to prompt my brain and every time its fuckin useless. But if I go sit somewhere with a notebook and a pen, put my phone away, and just ... go, let the words wander on the page I always end up with so much way better stuff. Machines can't even help prompt me to creativity properly. Instead, through practice I have turned myself into a thing that produces creativity, solutions, and design. And I don't think we have anywhere close to the tech required to be able to teach itself to become such a thing. I'm not even sure it's possible with silicon given the limits of physics and the crazy efficiency of the biological carbon solution.