Ashton McAllan

Hi! I’m Ash and I’m a gamemaster, game designer, streamer, and occasional code witch. I focus on systemic narratives, small and indie games, and supporting diverse and marginalized voices.

My Channel

On my channel you will find:

  • Roguelikes and other procgen games
  • Game design sessions
  • Tabletop Roleplaying Games

I Am Not Trying To Kill You is a show where I run a variety of different RPGs and storygames with friends and members of the ttrpg community. Sometimes we do one-shots, some times we do campaigns. We always have fun.

The Splintering Wheel is an ongoing “Westmarches” style Dungeon World campaign where the cast changes week to week.

My Roleplaying Games:

The Republic
The Republic, a game about element bending social justice warriors.
Between Dreams
Between Dreams, a game about reclaiming intimacy in the haunted everyday.
Goblin Heart
Goblin Heart, a game about being a group of goblins together.
In Which We Live And Breathe
In Which We Live And Breathe, a properly cyberpunk fantasy game.
Antiquarian Adventures
Antiquarian Adventures, a treasure hunting TTRPG.
Oracle, a fortune telling roleplaying game.
Footprints, a game about leaving marks on places and things.
Goblins In A Trenchcoat
Goblins In A Trenchcoat, a game to be played on twitter.
Psycheball, A game about psychic battlesport in cyberspace.

My Other Roleplaying Game Work:

Breakfast Cult Roll20 Sheets
Breakfast Cult Roll20 Sheets
5e Variant Humans
5e Variant Humans, a variant that makes humans in 5e interesting.
Traits for 5e
Traits for 5e, a manageable replacement for inspiration.
Item Drop 5e Treasure Tables
Item Drop 5e Treasure Tables, a way of generating treasure items with history.
AshtonHand Clocks
Hand Drawn Clocks for AW/Blades in Roll20

My Digital Games and Mods:

A roguelike platformer where you are a disembodied head.
Monadnock, a puzzle game about trust.
We Are Seeds
We Are Seeds, an augmented reality game about growing a garden of hope together.
Storyspirit, a Minecraft mod adding quests, dungeons, and minibosses.
Broken Mountains
Broken Mountains, A sidescrolling-shooter-as-music-video-clip
Infinite Ski Run
An infinite scrolling ski game.
😍❤️️🐟, a dating memory game made for Emojiam

Zoo Bingo
Zoo Bingo, a way to play pokemon snap in real life.