Today I ran the session zero for Girl By Moonlight and then released an update for The Republic.

This morning we were up bright and early for our first session of Girl By Moonlight. The session was all world building and character creation and even ran a little overtime with all that but was super rad and everything we came up with is super cool. I felt a little bad cause I felt like my energy and keeping everyone on the ball flagged a little as we went on, probably because I was having a fasting day which I might move in future so it doesn’t coincide with GMing. Afterwards I basically crashed out on the couch for several hours, deep into nod. Afterwards we went to the shops so Emily could get things for tomorrow’s picnic and then came home and curled up in the lounge watching Court Of Swords and working on The Republic and then eventually pushing out an update.

Tomorrow we’re going on an anniversary drive and a picnic because we didn’t get to do one on our actual anniversary and it’s a tradition we love.

Today (Saturday) I just flowed with positive energy.

I slept in a little this morning but still managed to make it onto stream on-time. I played Darkest Dungeon today and streamed til just after lunch. The stream itself was super rad with just a bunch of lovely little turning up in my chat and a couple subscribing and we talked about Darkest Dungeon and British Monarchs and Twee Dungeons and it was great. Afterwards I spent most of the afternoon doing some really cool prep for pre-session zero for Girls By Moonlight tomorrow until Emily got home. We had a bit of couch chat time together which was nice and then we headed to my parents’ place for family dinner which once again turned out to be just surprisingly lovely. Afterwards we left feeling all warm and fuzzy, it was great. Once we were back at home though I did get stuck into the GBM prep stuff again until it was pretty late in the evening so we watched an episode of Madoka in bed and then just headed straight to sleep.

Tomorrow morning is Girl By Moonlight which I’m incredibly hype for and I haven’t really thought much further than that.

Today (Friday) I was stressed, tired, and loved.

I was up and at my desk very nearly on time this morning and spent the first half of the day on work things as did Emily and also Dave when he arrived. I am finding work really stressful at the moment, especially task management and timekeeping which is driving me up the wall. At the end of work though we took a short break before diving back into some tasks, for me that was The Republic and I made good progress on rearranging things. During the afternoon Emily had to deal with some tough decisions and emotions and it was super great to have Dave there to help talk her through those as I find myself completely without spoons to assist. Once everyone had dealt with their challenges at hand Dave and I dropped Emily off at her mum’s for the night and then went to get dinner. We ended up getting Mexican and then eating it in the dark on a bench overlooking the beach near our place which was really lovely with the sound of the waves and the red fingernail moon dipping closer and closer to the horizon. After we finished eating we decided to go for a walk along the beach in the dark which was fun and nice and I got to climb on the rocks which always reminds me of being a kid out on the island.

Afterwards we headed back to the house and crashed on the couch and watched Robot Wars until it was time for Dave to head home and for me to sleep.

Tomorrow I’m streaming in the morning and then preparing for girl by moonlight in the afternoon and then have a family dinner to head to in the evening so we’ll see which of those is most tiring.