Today I was sick.

I wasn’t 100% sure I was sick when I got up and showered but I felt tired in a weird enough way that I hedged my bets and decided to work from home today and got an extra hour and a bit of rest before dragging myself to my desk by which point I was sure I was sick. Working through the haze was difficult but possible and I can’t afford to take a whole day off at the moment. I did finish early though because I’ve done overtime for the last few days so it basically balances out.

After work I basically napped until dinner time on the couch and the we spent the whole evening just binging Brooklyn Nine Nine because that’s about all I could manage. At least I got lots of cuddles.

Tomorrow I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be working in the office or from home but I’m gonna work from home regardless. Dave might come around which I think will be nice? Not sure if I want people to see me when I’m sick.

Today I 

I worked from home today which was super frustrating as most of it was spent waiting for downloads to finish and queries to execute and having the goalposts of those queries continually changed.

After work we went and did a big grocery shop and then came home and payed bills. I played The Last Guardian and then we watched a little Brooklyn Nine Nine before retiring early to bed where I sneezed and snuffled a lot and we talked about flirting until too late in the evening.

I hope all these nose issues are just an an allergy or something because I don’t want to be sick but if I’m not feeling well tomorrow I’ll work from home.

Today I think I made a good impression.

I was tired after a night of humidity and horrible sinuses but I got up on time, got my self dressed up good and proper and made it to work plenty on time.

At work I was a little distracted but mostly worked well. I met Peter my new manager who seems nicer in person and seemed to be ok on the trans front. I’m hoping my sniffling through the day wasn’t frustrating as hell. I’m one of those awful people for whom blowing my nose doesn’t really help much. I actually ended up staying a little late and still not finishing the project I was working on but I got a train snack on the way home and came home to my amazing lovely wife. We had a little chat about GRS because it’s been on my mind a lot recently and it was very emotional because we’re both super scared of anything upsetting the status quo and us losing each other. After dinner though I was just exhausted so we watched Star Trek and Brooklyn Nine Nine until it was time for bed.

Tomorrow I’m working from home and hoping my sneezes and sniffles don’t annoy BMO into continual screaming.

We Are Seeds

We Are Seeds is a mobile browser based augmented reality game developed for #ResistJam with @davereece and @blackwool. We developed the concept in an afternoon after thinking about how we feel about fascism and resistance and how we want players to feel. The hope is that players will feel supported by the messages they find…Read More

Today I did a lot of word processing.

This morning we had a bit more of a sleep in and a nice slow breakfast. Eventually I ended up dressed and at my desk and started chipping away at my parents’ paperwork which I ended up finishing around one. After a light lunch I took BMO into the bathroom for some flying and play time while Emily valiantly cleaned the cage.

Once that was done I returned to my desk to finish off the Gear update for The Republic and uploaded it to the internet. I had planned to do some actual digital game development after that but my spoons were pretty much gone so I retired to the couch and we watched Star Trek and Black Sails until it we went to bed early.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be going to work in the city and meeting my new manager who I’m nervous to meet because he’s an older white guy who said he didn’t need to meet the other staff members including myself before orientation because he “gets along with everyone”. At this rate though I might not make it as I seem to be developing a cold, which I find very upsetting and have no patience for.