Today (Saturday) I demonstrated Monadnock.

I was up earliest this morning for showering and getting ready because I take the longest and we ended up being only five minutes late to the convention hall. The whole day was basically a blur of demoing Monadnock on the con floor. At one point I think I fell asleep in a chair? When the end of the day rocked around we had a couple of friends inviting us out to different dinners that were happening but we were too exhausted and just headed back to Dave and Sarah’s place for soup and then playing silly games until way too late in the evening.

Tomorrow we’re back on the con floor again but I’m hoping I will be well rested enough to keep up the energy for the day.

Today I did a lot of waiting and got exhausted.

First thing this morning I had a long shower, got dressed and did my makeup and then we loaded the car up with equipment and headed out. We met up with Dave and took a moment to sit and chat before heading into the convention. We were worried we’d be late for electrical testing and tagging because we got there slightly after midday but in the end we were waiting around till five o’clock before the testing and tagging machine even arrived. Once we did have everything tagged we headed back to Dave and Sarah’s place to swap cars and I fell asleep in the passengers seat multiple times on the way just from being so tired from a combination of the work setting up for the con and the emotional labour of supporting people who were having a rough time throughout the day. Emily and I did head back to the city for the developer meetup at a bar on Hindley Street and we got to hang out with some friends and generally awesome people and just had a nice time socialising and eating all the cheese.

Afterwards we headed back to Dave and Sarah’s place and hung out talking until eleven and then tucked ourselves into the futon to try and get enough sleep for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first day of avcon and I’m not really worried I don’t think? Which is a nice place to be.

Today I went to the cinema!
I was so tired this morning but managed to get myself up and to work basically on time. Work itself was basically a waste of time as the proposed solution to a client’s problem ended up being as useless as i had predicted it would be but we sank a few hours into it anyway plus I had a meeting where people were attempting to plan out a new product that we might not even end up developing and I spent most of the meeting being completely lost as people argued about jargon and frameworks I didn’t understand.

After work though I caught up with Dave and we went and got some tasty dinner at Ky Chow and then a problematic amount of icecream to kill time before heading up to the cinema to watch Baby Driver. The film wasn’t quite up to the hype I’d seen on twitter but it was still pretty solid. The third act was especially good in its pacing and drama and visual artistry. Afterwards we went back to Dave and Sarah’s place to pick up Emily and have a quick cup of tea before heading home.

Tomorrow is bump in day for our Avcon which I can’t decide if I’m nervous or calm about but I am glad we get to spend the weekend hanging out with Dave and Sarah.

Today I forgot to eat.

This morning I up and dropped Emily off at the train station and then came home and showered, did laundry, cuddled a noisy BMO and then made my way to my desk to work. Work itself was relatively uneventful and I mostly just pottered through dealing with bugs and tickets until eventually two o’clock rocked around and I switched over to working on Monadnock. Around dinner time I picked up Emily from the train station and we had some food and dyed our hair for the weekend before settling back down in the office for more Monadnock work for the rest of the evening. We ended up going pretty late on that work and it got a little fraught at a couple of points but we made some really solid progress on our UI stuff which was good even if we ended up getting to be really late.

Tomorrow I’m at work in the city but I’m gonna go catch a movie with Dave afterwards Soni have something nice to look forward to.

Today I tweeted about Emily.

Emily and I headed into town on the train together this morning. It rained a lot last night, my shoes have holes in the bottom and my feet got wet.

In the office I tried real hard to keep on top of what I was supposed to be doing but I was incredibly dull and so instead I maybe started a twitter thread about the things that make Emily unique, special, and exceptional and just kept posting to it whenever work was boring throughout the day. Others joined in too which was real nice. In the end I forgot to get lunch while I was working because my tummy has been upset from stress so at the end of the day, when Emily met me outside my office, we decided to go and get dinner at The sushi train nearby which was just magical. It was like a big dose of narrative straight up and it was lovely. Afterwards we got hot chocolates and made our way home to our house where I spent the evening playing No Man’s Sky and Emily did some crafting to make herself a new shirt for AVcon this weekend.

Tomorrow I’m fasting and working from home which is fine but then I’ve got a bunch of stuff I have to do in the afternoon to prepare for AVcon which I’m worried I might struggle with.