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5. Parkour Forest by Weston

7. On the road to the Scool by andylittle

9. Waves of Time by Lighterthief

4. The Core Level by Finlal

2. On the edge of the forest by Thu

8. Poison by Jinn

10. The Werewolf Tycoon by Joecreates

3. Spark of time by Mr_Hk_

6. Beaming by wish04

1. A Visitor by Snake


Pixel Joint
Top Pixel Art — June 2015

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Pixel Joint, Part 2: The Present

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It’s so irritating when a recipe makes presumptions about what equipment you’re working with

Oh, combine the ingredients in my stand-up mixer? Put them in my breadmaker??Why don’t I just mix them together with a jewel-encrusted stirring spoon from atop my enormous, golden cooking throne??

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hey guys!! i’m finally uploading my senior film, trash cat! i hope you guys like it because it was seriously a blast to work on and such a great learning experience :3 some awesome people who helped me (and whose tumblrs i know) are cameronbutlerart, dawnmbennett, jingleschram, and inkohit!

also be sure to check it out on vimeo so you can watch it in hd~


Reminds me of that Bad Dog afterdark screen saver from way back when

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I was thinking about the Grim Reaper recently. They’re not tied to any particular religion, they just personify death and collect the soul and take them…where? What if they’re like afterlife HR?

“So hey! You’re right on time! Okay,?your chart says?‘Hellenic.’ Got your coin for the ferryman? No?! Alright, here’s the deal:?sign here, River Styx is down the next hall on the left, but you can’t cross for another hundred years. Hey, I don’t make the rules! What do you think a last will and testament’s for, Felix?!”

“Gina! Almost had you there in?‘93 with that heart attack, eh? Eh? Anyway, Catholic, right? Hang a left, St. Peter’s waiting behind the gates, he’ll give you your assignment.”

“Hey boss, this one?didn’t believe in afterlife or having a soul– I’m headed to my next appointment.”

“Sanjay! Nice long life you had there, buddy. So you remember where the Great Revolving Door of Reincarnation is– oh wait! You qualify for nirvana! Look at you!”

“So Sam, you’re…agnostic. Come to my office, we’ll discuss your options.”

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Hermione Granger: *comes from muggle world and discovers magic*

Hermione Granger: *witnesses humans transfigure into animals*

Hermione Granger: *time-travels multiple times per day*

Professor Trelawney: “I can prophesize the future.”

Hermione Granger: “Bullshit. That can’t be possible. Fuck you.”

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“really?” I say to inanimate objects that are not working like they usually do

“Stay.” I glare at inanimate objects that continuously fall over

“Thank you!” I say exhasperatedly to the inanimate objects when they do finally work right/stay put

“Shh!” I say to my phone when an alert tone interrupts my conversation.