Today I ushered lovely people through the land of the dead and out the other side.

After breakfast and grocery shopping this morning we got the house nice and tidy for DnD. At lunch time Damon came around to roll up his new character an amazing little weird oracular gnome that doesn’t speak.

We let BMO out to play with us for a bit but despite being lovely and doing really well at his talking practice earlier in the morning he wasn’t feeling particularly social and ended up back in his room.

Once we started playing the party decided to go investigate a weird Elven house that they had heard about despite it being a long way from safety. They set out with a cart pulled by a camel and a pretty clear idea of what they wanted to achieve. By the time they reached the gates of the great Elven house Madori they had lost their Camel to a giant scropion and their gnome to a giant Lizard. Theyanaged to wrangle their way into the house and get away with a scroll to ressurect their dead comrade and a bunch of stolen arcane books. After then making it all the way back home they managed to complete the resurrection ritual and put their gnome friend into the body of a random dwarf woman that attacked them on the way home without any major consequences.

It was a fucking epic game and I loved it though the antagonistic GM part of me can’t believe three level one characters went to a challenge rating five area, lost only one character and then managed to extract from the adventure the resources required to bring that character back from the dead.

I’m pretty keen to see how these things affect the greater narrative though.

I pretty well today (70%)
I slept OK (70%)
I exercised a little (15 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I want to get this month’s job search requirements out of the way
Other than that I’m going to be kind to myself.


Today I talked about Monadnock.

This morning involved laundry and BMO and working on Monadnock so I would have a build ready for Arggg tonight that worked on my phone for easy demoing.

We managed to get Emily to and from her afternoon chiropractor appointment despite the insane traffic in McLarrn Vale because of children, roadworks and poor urban planning. We headed straight from there to my Psychologist appointment where I spent the entire session talking about how great hrt and Monadnock are.

Then we headed to Goodwood and went for a walk and got sushi before going to Arggg at the Goody.

We spent a long time at Arggg this month. We talked to lots and lots of people, mostly about Monadnock and came away feeling really confident about some things, shake about others and thoughtful about yet others.

I slept okish (40%)
I ate pretty well (60%)
I exercised a little (20 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow is a potentially tricky DnD game just based on the group makeup. I’m super excited but also a little nervous.