Today I was surrounded by colour.

My mood slowed me down initially this morning but not enough to stop me. I tried out eye shadow for the first time in a long time and although I initially felt a bit like a drag queen or a kid playing with her mum’s makeup but once I city past that I recognised that it actually looked good and helped accentuate my eyes.

I managed to go for a walk even through the outrageous wind and get myself some bakery lunch and then spent the early part of the afternoon working on role-playing games I haven’t thought about in forever as little old ladies came and went in and out of our kitchen which was being used as tertiary cake storage for the festival of colour.

Eventually I did join the festival which was amazingly busy and lovely and vibrant but mostly as a stall minder for Emily up until Julia’s performance in the later part of the afternoon high was rad and during which Damon arrived. After Julia’s set we headed back to the house to say things down and then spent a bunch of time pottering around, chatting amongst ourselves and minding Emily’s stall up until it got dark when Damon and I went to explore some more and find some food. We ended up mostly spending a long time in the line for curry that wasn’t there when we arrived and patiently we all waited for more to be delivered. After that lining up experience though I was overstimulated and Damon and Julia and I headed inside to sit around, drink tea and chat. It was actually a super nice chat with those two who are new to each other but also two of my best friends right now and we could talk about personal shit without feeling awkward. Or at least I didn’t feel awkward. Damon and Julia also tried to convince me to write about my transition experience, the things I’m learning about sex and gender and my interpretations of that which sounds great but I need to fight off the ideas that I talk to much about this stuff already and nobody wants to hear it (which is why I cull a bunch of stuff from that journals, because I don’t want it to be all boob talk) and that I might be painting a giant target on my back. Anonymity was suggested but that’s so not my style.

Eventually Eli arrived to pick up Julia and we talked shop for a bit before they headed home and then, after fielding a crisis amongst some extended family, Damon and I started watching FLCL because Damon hadn’t seen it before but after a couple of episodes we needed a time out so with a cuddly sleepy Emily joining us at watched thorough a whole bunch of her YouTube videos before bed.

I slept in (75%)
I ate poorly and then well (65%)
I exercised against the wind (45 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I need to actively relax.

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“Icarus. The original myth had two parts. Daedalus said to his son, ‘I fashioned these wings for you. Two rules. Don’t fly too high, or the sun will melt the wax. But, more important, son, don’t fly too low. Because if you fly too low, the water and the waves will surely weigh down the wings, and you will die.’ We’ve left out the second part of the myth. We don’t say to people anymore, ‘Don’t fly too low.’ All we do from the time they are 4 years old is warn them against hubris. We have created this industrially led structure that says: How dare you.”

– Seth Godin

I will reblog this every single time I see it

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Walk into your kitchen at 3am and this wizard is waiting for you, having drunk your beer and sampled, but disliked, your potato chips, hasn’t done the dishes, and he isn’t happy

What do you do?

“Really, Carl? Really? Christ, I knew the breakup with Cindy was bad-but not THIS bad! How’d you even get in my house? Why are the Utz all over the floor? Wh- how did you get in my house!?”

“Damn your fool’s mind, Randy, the mists of dream still you know my Amulet of Saros allows me passage through all portals, physical and arcane. I came here as this apartment provides protection from the mental ravaging of that dark sorceress, Cindy, gods blast her name! Your fermented beverages are all that have kept me from darkness this night, Randy, would you turn me away in this hour of terror?”