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Also, if you want to see played there are obviously other lovely gorgeous APs available to check out but I'm still fond of the little playtest of the On A Sea Of Stars series that Andrew, Melody, Luke, Emily & I streamed a few years ago❤️

Toward Heaven - YouTube

Oh hey! is live now on Backerkit!

Girl By Moonlight is a stunning magical girl roleplaying game filled with tragedy and hope and fear and love that you should absolutely take a look at. Andrew has been laboring long and hard to bring this wonder to full publication with the Evilhat team and it's so exciting that it's finally ready! As a bonus, the stretch goals for the backerkit campaign are all issues of a zine to act as a companion to the game, providing inspiration, exploration, and advice from an absolutely stellar array of contributors, including myself!

I'm so excited that this game is finally ready to come fully into the world and it's pretty obvious it's going to be one of those cornerstone classics that get played again and again and inspire whole new generations of gamers and games.

Go check it out!

Girl by Moonlight BackerKit