Today I got to play Ryuutama.

This morning I had a lovely sleep in. Once we were up we recoloured Emily’s hair and then mine and then I eventually finished getting dressed and made up. Once we were actually ready to face the day I fell asleep sitting on a chair in the sun for a bit and then it was time for our Ryuutama game. We played Ryuutama today with just Sarah Fletcher and I and Emily GMing. The game was quite nice and lovely. I really like Ryuutama and the way it feels as a game. After the game we finished our #inktober drawings for the day while watching some YouTube before heading to bed.

Tomorrow I’m gonna see Dave in the morning to make up for Friday and then in the afternoon I’m gonna try and have some chillout time and then a GM prep stream before the grand finale of Apocalypse World: Damp Spirits in the evening.