Fuck yeah! Got basic #Indieweb Salmention handling working!
goes all the way through
and shows up on

You can see the changes I made to the Semantic Linkbacks Plugin for WordPress here:

I’m aware it’s janky and incomplete but it does basically work. Any pull requests to help improve it would be greatly appreciated.

Now I think it’s time for bed.

Do we have an #indieweb equivalent of global hashtags and livetweeting yet? Maybe @yacy_search can help us do it in a decentralised way? I could have a YaCy instance running that I automatically crawl when I post new articles and then can search it for hashtags etc when I want to see what others are saying? I suppose any search engine tech could work but it seems easy enough to use a decentralised one.

if you’re building an #indieweb reader think about what ux decisions you can make to make your reader easy and useful without being addictive and problematic. Currently I’ve found myself losing a lot of time to endlessly scrolling my WhisperFollow feed to the point where it is an issue I need to address.

I want to work out how to do this in a #indieweb way but I feel like h-review is weirdly restrictive and contradictory is saying that p-rating should be a value between one and five but still having p-best and p-worst as possible options. Personally I’d like to make all my reviews be floating point values between -1 and 1 that can then be translated to however many stars you want.

Yeah I feel like the having a page that is specifically about the problems with a particular solution to a problem probably shows a bit of a bias and that moving the content into the pages for discussing advantages and disadvantages would be better for tone purposes. During the discussion after having read the page I started feeling really worried about using wordpress with it’s MYSQL backend but Tantek Çelik made a good point about not feeling bad about having something that works for you. I kinda realised that for me, considering the sheer number of posts I make and the way I post having them stored in flat files would be completely unmanagable and I’m really in love with the system that I’ve got going now with my current #indieweb setup.