Twitter Battle

Twitter battle is a simple tool that lets you see who is winning (or at least has claimed more points for) a hashtag on twitter. It aggregates all twitter posts from a set of accounts that contain the battle hashtag and then scans them to see how many points they’re worth. Photos are expected to be attached as proof of points earned and are also displayed in the feed. I initially built it for the #battlates challenge between myself, BlackwoolHoliday, Eli Green Drums and Julia Henning which awarded 1 point per 30 mins exercise per person but I thought I might as well make it generic so it can be used for similar things later on. SOURCE
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For those asking about #battlates it’s a competition between Team McAllan (BlackwoolHoliday and myself) and Team Greenhen (Julia Henning and Eli Green Drums). Every time one of us does half an hour of exercise we get a point for our team. We tweet the points we earn with the hashtag and a picture for proof that we actually did the thing and then I wrote a thing for twitter battles that we use to check the scores.

You can see the current standing here:

We decided on the name using my Brainstorming Engine