The Splintering Wheel

The Splintering Wheel is a world without sense or mercy. Once wracked by a horrific desolation, the prayers of the desperate have been answered and now life and death are abundant in equal measure. The Splintering Wheel is ruled by one god, IA, and his seven wardens, who care for the lives of folk much more than their master. It is overgrown, haunted, and filled with mystery. It's great civilisations have long had their walls torn asunder by the vines, but what is left continues to turn.

The Game

Splintering Wheel is a Dungeon World campaign played live on stream weekly at with a different cast of players and characters each week.

The vods are available on Youtube.

If you're interested in joining in you should check out the schedule page and reply to some of the scheduling tweets to put your hand up!

You can read all about the version of the rules we use in the main game Google Doc and read the community documentation of the world in The Journals Of The Splintering Wheel.