Today (Monday) I ran Girl By Moonlight.

This morning my planned sleep in was interrupted by a suddenly panicking Emily who thought she’d shot a bunch of footage for an important project in the wrong format and that it couldn’t be recovered. Eventually she worked out that it was fine and I rested a little more but didn’t get properly back to sleep. Eventually Emily did lure me out of bed though with tea and fresh warm banana bread. We took it over to the vardo as it was super nice outside and had our breakfast there and then just sat and chatted for a couple of hours, just working on our sync.

Afterwards we came back inside and I had my long shower for the week which amazingly didn’t really suck at all. I think my brain was too focused on game design and streaming stuff to freak out about anything more.

As I was getting out of the shower though my mum turned up with pastries from the bakery so I threw on some clothes and we went and had a light lunch on the bench in the garden. The pastries were obviously delicious and we had another nice little chat with mum before finally wrapping it up, biting the bullet, and heading inside to tidy the house. Emily had already started so I began on the dishes. I got most of them done but had to stop near the end to wake Emily from an impromptu nap with a cup of tea which then accidentally lead to me having a nap before finishing the dishes.

Once the dishes were all wrapped up I managed to sit down and prep for Girl By Moonlight which apparently mostly involved drawing some art and setting up assets in roll20.

Once the game got going, however, I suddenly felt a lot more confident. I wasn’t 100% across all the rules but I could barf story well enough that it worked out really well anyway and now I know where I want to focus on GMing better for this game in future.

Tomorrow I’m working in the city but I get to see Sarah M afterwards so I have something nice to look forward to.

Today (Sunday) I tapped the fuck out.

I felt awful waking up this morning but I made myself presentable and Emily and I headed out to solve the problem of getting some props for the music video she was shooting today from somewhere other than the person who had agreed to lend some to her because they had just changed their mind. We got it sorted relatively painlessly though and I dropped Emily off and headed into Tonsley for the last day of Hybrid World Adelaide.

I was wrecked, even feeling alive from caffeine I just had no spoons to be nice or help people or anything and as the crowd slowly started to arrive, hours into the event, I started to realise that it consisted almost entirely of bored children who expected me to entertain them, I pretty quickly misplaced any and all of the fucks I might have given and by 1 o’clock I was actually done done and I packed up my stuff and went home.

I got home to the sound of BMO trilling and the baby magpies in the bathroom chirping contentedly amongst themselves and then basically passed out on the couch for an hour. When I decided being awake was a good idea I removed my tights, freeing my furry legs for the sunshine and headed down to the bakery to grab some lunch which I then ate sitting on a bench in the garden in the warm spring air. I had planned a list of things I wanted to do that evening but between feeding, being climbed all over by, and eventually putting to bed the baby magpies, and also looking after a screaming BMO I mostly spent the rest of the night just watching Adam vods until Emily got home and it was time for bed.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I’m gonna sleep in, then I’m gonna do the dishes and then I’m gonna do nothing else except prep for and run Girl By Moonlight on stream in the evening.

Today (Saturday) I exhausted myself.

I was up early this morning again and got myself together and headed into Hybrid World Adelaide. When I got there we discovered that the temporary structures they had set up for the Indie games area had blown apart in the wind overnight and were unsafe so we got moved to another area where we couldn’t have proper signage. The crowd was busier than yesterday but still certainly not ideal, even if there were a few actually interesting or valuable punters amongst them. During the day we watched the structure we had been in blow down in the wind before being disassembled and then had to deal with the wind blowing directly into us, laden with dust triggering my allergies and getting on our equipment. I eventually bailed an hour early and drove my way up to Bear and Alison’s new place for a party. I was the first one there so we sat and chilled till the others arrived and I took some antihistamines to name sure my allergies didn’t flare up from the cat. Eventually Emily and Dave and Melody rocked up and it was a really nice time but I was so exhausted and drowsy from the medication that I spent most of the party partially or fully asleep. Though the bits where I fell asleep on cuties were nice. Eventually we had to leave just as other guests were arriving and we made our way home to crash in bed.

Tomorrow is the last day of Hybrid World Adelaide and I’m gonna get through it and then spend Monday resting.

Today I showed MachineSpirit games at #HybridWorldAdl

I got up at six this morning and kept myself quickly on time despite being pretty tired and managed to get myself presentable, pack all the needed gear into the car, fill up with petrol and arrive at Tonsley just before 8am, the time I’d been told to arrive to meet one of the organisers and set up for a ten am opening. When I got there though there was no one around so I got my stall set up in half an hour and then shortly after that the organiser arrived so I had an extra hour and a half to kill before opening. That hour and half was then the start of a full day of being uncomfortably chilly and pretty bored. I got to hang out with Matt Trobbiani a bunch which was fun but the audience was sparse and not very engaged in the indie games as a thing more than an idle novelty. Eventually I bailed fifteen minutes before the 6pm formal end because it was just so dead by that point. We did see some cool drone racing though and I’m thinking I might get to try flying a drone tomorrow if I can get away from my booth for long enough.

In the evening I came home utterly exhausted and so to chill out I decided to play expand on stream. It’s only a short game but it’s so finely crafted and I’ve played it before so I knew it would be a good way to unwind. What I didn’t expect, though, was to cry at the end of it. I wasn’t as emotionally free as I am these days last time I played through it, so when I found myself crying on stream, it came as a bit of a surprise, so then I was also laughing at how silly my crying was.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Hybrid World Adelaide but in the evening I get to go to a friend’s birthday party. Which should be extremely lovely and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Today I was preoccupied with tomorrow.

I woke up feeling so tired but I’m taking tomorrow off work so I didn’t want to try working from home today. I headed into the city and tried to make myself at least moderately productive though I’m sure I need some help to deal with my current issues around working my day job. Adam and Bluejay were both streaming though which was excellent for at least helping my mood if maybe not my productivity. Bluejay’s colouring streams especially are so completely lovely chill date feeling spaces, I just want to hang out there all day. Later on toward the end of the day though I managed to bash together a poster for We Are Seeds for Hybrid World Adelaide and went and got it printed after I was done. Once I got home at the end of the day I discovered a very unwell feeling Emily so I spent most of the evening keeping her company in the bed before eventually ducking out to the office to finish the last bit of work needed on Monadnock for the weekend demo and pushing out the build.

Tomorrow I have to be awake stupidly early to go and set up for the Hybrid World Adelaide conference and then demo for the first of three days.