Today I fell a little bit in love with Jim Kirk. Just a little bit.

We had a nice sleepy time in the morning but managed to get up and ready early enough to go for morning walk without being completely scorched. We listened to an episode of campaign and got just the right amount of sweaty and even finished it off with a donut and it was great.

After the walk we chilled for a bit while a download completed and then, when it was done, we started watching Star Trek, The Original Series, at Emily’s behest. We managed to finish the dishes and rearrange the main bookshelf over the course of the day, all the while being distracted by Star Trek nonsense. It was terrible and excellent and I honestly didn’t expect to like it or the characters as much as I do but here we are.

Eventually after dinner we switched over to No Man’s Sky and icecream to continue the spacefaring theme and I got a little work on The Republic done.

Tomorrow I’m gonna try and focus on getting some work done on at least one of our games. I’m just not sure which at the moment.

Today I killed a fourteen year old’s Dungeons and Dragons character.

This morning I slept in a fair bit and then lazed around in bed reading Twitter for too long, got grumpy about that and a couple of other minor things because I was hungry and ended up sobbing uncontrollably on the floor of the shower, utterly hating myself.

I spoke to Emily about it when I finally managed to get out of the house and pick her up and she re-raised the discussion of medication which, while I’m happy to consider that option, I’m deathly afraid someone’s gonna say that my mood issues are because my testosterone is too low and reduce my anti-androgens and like I know that women come in all shapes and sizes and hormone levels but my hormone levels are strongly tied to my feelings of validity as a woman so I am super fucking scared of anyone messing with them and making them be anything different to how they are now. Yes that’s fucked up but it’s where I’m at and I don’t have the spoons currently to deal with anything like that. If we were only talking about antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds I’d be capable of a much more reasonable discussion.

Back at home we spent a few hours doing our best to tidy the house which for me was just doing as much of the dishes as I could without my feet getting sore from the hard cement floor.

Damon and their sister arrived at two and we finished of her character and got straight into the Dungeons And Dragons. We had a pretty excellent session even though Damon’s sister’s character died outright and Damon’s character accidentally turned themself into a a swarm of ethereal bats. But at least the dead character got resurrected in the end so it wasn’t so bad.

Afterwards I was a little sad the death didn’t have more impact but over all the session was excellent chaos.

Tomorrow we don’t have a set plan but finishing the cleaning and going for a walk would be great.

Today I was pretty sleepy.

I slept in till eight thirty, got up and got ready quick enough to be at my desk for work at nine. Work was frustrating because of clients being stupid but apparently I handled it well. At midday I dropped Emily off at Willunga for the afternoon and then came home and finished the last few hours of work after which I planned to get lunch and bird food. Instead I accidentally had a nap until three thirty. I would have continued but I needed to get bird food before the shop closed so I headed out and got that and a pie from the bakery for lunch and got served by the door energetic chatty girl and it was nice because she chatted to me about Lovato stuff and was just really friendly. It’s funny how being trans I’m often just pleasantly surprised when people just treat me like a normal human being.

At home I was gonna do some tidying but instead ended up paying with and cuddling BMO for a while and then falling back into my nap until shortly before Dave arrived.

We went and got fish and chips for dinner and I was a total social weirdo talking to the girl at the fish and chips shop. Back at home we finished our dinner and then cracked out the laptops.

I added a safety feature to We Are Seeds that Dave had already done the backend for and Dave worked on a work project that is giving him trouble. We were going to put on music or YouTube or something but in the end we just sat on the couch working together for the whole evening and it was fine.

Tomorrow I’m running DnD and one of the players is 14 so I’m gonna have to be careful but I’m also super excited.

Today I travelled in weird directions.

I drove in to the train station at Seaford this morning after getting ready blearily from a lack of quality sleep due to the very muggy night.

I caught the train from Seaford to the city where I did pretty well as far as being productive but then was frustrated when I found out we can’t bill the client for a bunch of that time. I also forgot to have lunch until three thirty again.

After work I caught the train back from the city to Seaford and then drove back towards the city to get to Dave and Sarah’s. Once I was there and greeted and we had all eaten we then got in the car with the cat they had been borrowed and drove up North of Port Adelaide to return said borrowed cat and then we returned to their house where we just hung out and chatted for ages which was absolutely lovely, especially as I got to chat with Sarah who I don’t usually get to chat with as much. Eventually Emily arrived and joined our chats which accidentally went until 12:30am and then we drove home to be in bed just after 1am.

Tomorrow I’m working from home for the first part of the day but I’m not sure about the rest. I’m probably gonna be pretty tired so a nap is probably going to happen. It would be good if a walk also happened. That would be nice.

Kong ruled in the cinemas around the world, so I think I can... by  Mr. Werewolf Mr. Werewolf( )

Kong ruled in the cinemas around the world, so I think I can share some of my favorite illustrations / concept arts I did, more than two years ago, at the early stage of the visual development of the Kong: Skull Island movie. It was amazing adventure, great experience and at the same time my last work on non-personal project :) Big thanks to the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts for the trust and this amazing opportunity!

more here:

Today I got a bit dehydrated.

Emily was up super early this morning getting ready for work and I only had to be up regular early to drop her off.

I got back home and had a quick shower and fed BMO which meant I could nap for another hour before starting work. The sun was dancing over the bed and it was just super nice and relaxing. Once I started work though it was super annoying. Too many tasks that I don’t know how to start freaking me out so I get distracted and waste time and then I still haven’t done anything. I was glad when the end of the work day rocked around and I could switch onto doing my parents paperwork because I knew what I needed to do a d there wasn’t a concrete time limit. After a certain amount of work on that though I decended into browsing Twitter and eventually a nap before finally going to pick Emily up so we could come home and have dinner and watch Brooklyn Nine Nine until bed time.

Tomorrow I’m working in the city and then Emily is filming something in the city until late so I’m not sure what the logistics of that are gonna look like but I guess we’ll find out.

Today I went to Arggg.

We were up at a reasonable time to get ready for work this morning and then I realised I had left my work shoes in the car on South terrace. Emily valiantly volunteered to trek for them while I put on my makeup. But between that and the first tram to the station being full I still ended up being half and hour late for work.

At work I was only slightly out of sorts which I count as a win. My mood was rough as heck at points but I at least managed to be productive for part of the day. I had lunch with Emily and we had a fascinating chat about how to avoid shielding yourself from too many unpleasant things and therefore make yourself sensitive/vulnerable to them.

After work we headed back to Em’s dad’s place, packed our stuff into the car and headed to Arggg.

I was a little down in my social skills at the start of the night but eventually found my corner and just had lovely chats with great people until way too late in the evening.
Tomorrow I’m working from home but Emily has to leave super early in the morning to help out on a project in the city so it’ll just be me and BMO. Hopefully I can use the afternoon to deal with as much of this paperwork my parents need me to do for them as possible.