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This is the greatest progression of events I have ever read, where’s my historical gay romance novel about this


Local King Cannot Stop Promoting His Boyfriend

where’s the lush period drama about this series of events?

fun thing about king James, this guy was fairly public about his bf (more public than what was acceptable). He threw lots of extravagant parties with his man on his arm. It pissed off the church obviously so to get them off his back, he’s the one that ordered the third translation of the Bible from Hebrew to English (the King James Version aka the Authorized Version) so the Bible every hot blooded all American Christian reads today was literally just written so a very gay king could fuck his boyfriend in peace.

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If you successfully reanimate somebody with their mind and body intact then don’t ever call yourself a necromancer. You’re a fucking cleric and don’t belong in our community.

this is lich-exclusionist and i will not have it, just cause i managed to keep my mind through the process of lichdom it doesn’t make me any less a necromancer, not only that the creation of a cadaver allows me to keep the minds of whoever i reanimate intact but still under my control, reapeat after me ?IF ?YOU ? REANIMATE?WITH? CONSCIOUSNESS?YOU ? ARE ? VALID?

I am sick of liches derailing my post and making it all about them.

This is a post for necromancers and if you have cast off the shackles of mortality then you can’t still call yourself a necromancer. Undead and necromancer are mutually exclusive identities and if you are a lich you need to make your own community with vampires lords etc. and leave us the hell alone.

Oh and living thralls are NEVER valid. That is enchantment. Read a grimoire, idiot.

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imagine we make contact with an alien species that’s like, vastly technologically superior, they could fucking kill us in a single shot if they really wanted to

and this species has never eaten salad before. and we show them salad and they eat it and they’re like holy living fuck this is tasty. and suddenly they’re offering us huge houses with all kind of advanced technological shit and incredible medical care and all the amenities and everything, with the only condition that we keep making salad for them.

and like, salad isn’t even hard to make. grab some plants, dump em in a bowl. it doesn’t have to be fancy salad, they’ll fall all over themselves for the most mediocre salad in the world. we can make so much salad that we’re practically drowning in it, even if we eat some of the salad ourselves. and in exchange we’re protected from danger, we have great living conditions, it’s basically paradise compared to life on earth


now realize that this is what bees have done to us

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I spent the last couple hours compiling this list. It is by no means the entirety of trans women/trans feminine folks on Bandcamp, it’s just the ones I could find.
Reblog it, add to it, buy their music.

Witch House/IDM

Jane Doe and the Misery Loves Co
Folk Punk

Ashby and the Oceanns

Bella Trout

Little Waist
Punk/Pop Punk

Black Metal/Noise Metal

Lyskoi - Alyssa Kai
Folk/Folk Punk
  -Do not know for sure how Alyssa identifies, but there’s a good chance that Alyssa fits here.

Calliope Wong

Venus Selenite
Spoken Word

Stars on a Bedroom’s Wall
Tremendously Varied

Trrtle Nation
Experimental Electro Noise

Ellie Rose
Instrumental Synthpop

Skeletor Rising
Electronic Harsh Noise

Hot Noisy Mess
Electronic Harsh Noise/Experimental

Mya Byrne

Pain Wife
Electronic Harsh Noise/Death Industrial

Bog Witch
Doom Noise/Noise Metal

Virtual Intelligence
Cyber-Goth/Industrial/Neon Metal

Through Waves
World Fusion/Darkwave

Ellah a Thaun
Lyrical Dissonance

Toxic Delirium
Gutter Punk/Noise Grunge


Noize Pervertz
Harsh Noise

Ambient Electropop

Ruby Price
Pop Punk/Mumblepunk

So many people added bands to this post when they reblogged it
Lemme try and update it:

Hardcore Punk

Wet Dress

Noel'le Longhaul

Folk/Folk Punk

Knight of Swords
Gothic Rock

Listen Lady

Alternative/Electro Pop

Cate Wurtz
Lo-Fi Electronic

Lauren Bousfield

Experimental/Ambient Arcane Electronic

Computer Vs World
Chiptune Synthpop/Electronic


Folk Punk

Lo-fi Folk Punk

ambient drone/glitch/punk

Violent Pastels
Crossover Thrash

Mean Girls
Screamo/Emo/Pop Punk

Witch House/Ambient/Industrial

Old-School Pop Punk/Punk

a glass box

Tall Girl
Metal/Basement Punk/Grunge

Art Rock/Goth Pop

Infantile Dissention
Anarcho-Punk/Crust Punk

White Mascara
Anarcho Post-Punk

Feminist Loser Punk

Vapor Metal/Black Noise/Electronic

Takeshi and the Kid


Folk Punk


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I love how performative wokeness on the internet has taken the concept of cultural appropriation from being about exploiting, harming, and/or misrepresenting societies, and bastardized it into this white nationalist style bullshit about “culture is about tradition and heritage and family n and is never ever ever ever to be shared or mixed in any way, even respectfully, because mixing muddies and destroys pristine cultures, which are only truly authentic if they are quarantined away from any outside influence or people.” Seriously, Richard Spencer himself has said that he likes this shit, because it’s “racial consciousnesses" for sjw cucks. Also, this bastardization of the concept does fuck all to actually, you know, help communities who are affected by actual appropriation.

But hey, as long as you win that sweet sweet #woke cred for screeching up and down on Twitter and Tumblr because some teenager wore a yukata that their host family in Japan gave them as a gift, or getting into slapfights about whether or not flower crowns are cultural appropriation (and if so, then from which culture!?) then it’s totally worth it!

“Seriously, Richard Spencer himself has said that he likes this shit, because it’s “racial consciousnesses” for sjw cucks.“

I will reblog this every fucking time I see it on my dash.

Seriously, guys, it’s disrespectful to refuse to participate in someone else’s cultural activities due to fear that some other person who isn’t a member of their culture is going to come along and yell about appropriation.

Yes, you can wear that yukata or sari that your friend gave you or urged you to buy, at appropriate times, and yes you can take selfies if photos are not forbidden at the event. No, you do not have to show up to events in jeans inappropriate western clothing just to avoid offending a complete stranger on the internet who isn’t part of the culture you’re visiting.

Yes, you can buy jewelry and accessories made by individuals in their traditional styles that they make and sell in order to support themselves and their communities. And you can talk them up to your friends, too. People literally need to make a living, and this is way better than corporations stealing their designs and works for mass cheap production. Members of the community generally won’t sell you anything that’s truly sacred and not meant for outsiders.

Yes, you can learn the theater, dance, and other arts of a culture if you are invited to do so. Refusing a personal invitation is rude. Yes, the person inviting you knows you have no idea what you’re doing. (A school program is an invitation, by virtue of it being offered.)

Yes, you can accept thank you gifts that are from the culture of the giver and display them to show your appreciation. To expect thank you gifts to be limited to your own cultural heritage is inappropriate. Depending on the culture, hiding gifts away in a box may be rude as well.

Yes, you can learn languages. Please do.

Yes, you can eat food that is served to you, and if someone offers to teach you to cook it, you can learn that.

Yes, you can watch movies or tv, listen to music, and generally enjoy the arts that a culture has developed, while recognizing that this doesn’t make you an expert on that culture.

Be respectful, be polite, be humble. You’re not an authority because you did something once or watched some tv, so don’t claim that. But also don’t let people shame you for being curious about the world and accepting and open to the people in it.

There is a world of difference between “Yes, I will happily join you in this, since you offered” and “This is mine now.”

reblogging for the awesome commentary by @wrangletangle

Saying to someone who is attempting to share their culture with you that you won’t participate because you think it would be appropriation is just another way of taking control of their culture away from them. If you really truly don’t want to participate, do it for your sake, not for what you have decided is their sake.

Sharing my culture with friends is part of how I maintain my cultural identity in isolation. Participating in the culture of my adopted home is part of how I find and maintain my place in the local community. These things are also true for Bae, and I don’t doubt true for many others.

To prevent us from sharing our cultures as we see fit is to deny us freedom to openly express our cultural identities. To prevent us from participating in our host culture is to segregate and exclude us.

It really is just about listening to the people who are part of that culture.  If they say ‘here, let’s share’ then share!  If they say ‘please don’t’, then don’t.  It’s literally that easy.

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Let’s say your matrilineal line is fairly consistent and everyone has their daughter at 25. So four women in your matrilineal line are born every hundred years. In a thousand years, that’s only 40 women. Like the math is so simple and yet ? You don’t think about it. So in 2000 years, 80 women. So basically, 0 AD started roughly about 80 mothers ago. That’s it.

I’m……… i’m a little drunk n cannot deal with this right now


The advent of agriculture around 9500BC was about 450 mothers ago

you can’t just say shit like that without a warning