GM for hire

If you’ve ever wanted to play in a game run by one of the best GMs around, one who will push your character to new highs and new lows, help you tell enthralling and unforgettable stories, and help you grow as a roleplayer, you’re in luck!

Ash is available as a GM for hire!

With over six thousand hours of GMing experience, fluency in over a dozen different roleplaying games, and a pleasant social attitude to help your group have a fun time and grow in their storytelling, Ash is the experienced and confident guide to help your group tell their next tale together.

If you or any of your group are new or nervous about roleplaying games, Ash is specifically experienced in creating a welcoming space for new players as well as women, queer folks, and other marginalized groups.

Ash runs games online via video call using the website to handle maps, tokens, and dice rolls, which is free for players.

She happily runs D&D 5e, Dungeon World, Apocalypse World, Blades In The Dark, Scum And Villainy, or any of the games she has written as well as many other systems upon request.

Wondering if Ash is the right GM for your group?
You can watch over 400 hours of games Ash has streamed and run on her Youtube channel at

Sounds good?
Ash currently has slots available for most weeknights in both US and Australian timezones and is happy to work with you to find a time that suits your group best.
If you would like to book Ash to GM for you, you can send her an email at !
Games for 3-6 players are $35 an hour or $120 for a four hour block.


  • Having played in some of her games, I can attest that this is absolutely worth it. Ash is an amazing GM with a variety of styles. Want something unsettling and surreal? She can do that! Want something action-packed and exciting? She can do that! Want something that tugs at your heart strings? She can 100% do that.

    If the price seems intimidating to you, consider that it would be for a group of people and 30$ a piece for a night of amazing storytelling isn’t too much at all. Also, you’re essentially commissioning a custom performance, (and GMing is a performance). With that in mind, her rate is an absolute steal!

  • Ash is an excellent GM. I’ve played in several things she has run (Dungeon World, Antiquarian Adventures, and Oracle) and she builds engaging worlds with great detail and awesome NPCs and interesting events happening everywhere!

    She is fun to hang out with and brings a lot to the games she runs. Give her a try! You won’t be disappointed.

  • Ash is a great GM, who keeps the game moving smoothly, and brings a creative mind to her worldbuilding! Her west marches inspired “Splintering Wheel” contains fascinating and unexpected brain fodder, and has been a refreshing look into a new fantasy world. A game of hers is well worth your time!

  • Ash has been GMing games I’ve played in for 9 years now and reinstated my enjoyment of role-playing games and my confidence in taking part in them. She has seen my characters meet the most epic of fates, both triumphing and being struck down, and has taught me a lot about myself in doing so. She has introduced other close friends of mine to role-playing who had never played before and ensured they had a great experience. Do this for your next celebration. Do it instead of paying for eating out – you’ll have a way more interesting time staying in with pizza or home cooking or ‘bring a plate’ and having this for entertainment than any other option you could spend your money on. You’ll grow closer to the friends you play with and you’ll experience exactly the kinds of world’s you ask for. She’s a story witch, and she’ll show you wonderful things.

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