Today I streamed a lot of No Man’s Sky.

I wasn’t super productive at work today but I made a point to be kind to myself today so I didn’t beat myself up about it. Halfway though I had to take a break to go pick up Emily as she’d had a tough appointment and it seemed like a bad idea to make her catch public transport home.

After I finished work we dashed out to get Emily to another appointment and then dashed home in time to start streaming No Man’s Sky at 3:30. It was a really nice chill game to play on stream and Emily joined me on the couch for a bunch of it and joined in the streaming and chatting and it was just so lovely. We ended up going till quarter past ten instead of our planned end time of 7:30.

Tomorrow work is super intimidating, I have a testing and set up call in the morning and then I have to drive to a client to deliver training in the afternoon. At the moment I’m just avoiding thinking about it to make sure I din’t get too freaked out about it.