dungeonpunk is the crunchy punk fantasy adventure roleplaying game. For those in the know it’s a Powered By The Apocalypse system using Blades In The Dark dice pools to create a game that is compatible with Old School Renaissance modules while still supporting freeform play and believing in Playing To Find Out What Happens. If you’re familiar with DungeonWorld and World Of Dungeons, think of this as a game that takes those vibes and goes harder on the Do It Yourself elements. It’s a simple game to run a mechanically robust fantasy adventure in, and designed to be hacked and expanded on with modules, supplements, expansions, and house rules. It’s 8 pages so it can be printed full size, as 2 sheet zine, or as 1 sheet folded booklet. It’s offered under a CreativeCommons Zero license (aka Public Domain) which means you can do whatever the fuck you like with it and you don’t have to pay or even attribute anyone if you don’t want to. And this version is open for comment and suggestions on Google Docs so we can update it and make it better with the community’s help.
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