Footprints is a game I wrote for the 2017 200 word RPG challenge. It is a game whose rules require you to change the game in certain ways and then give it away to other players for them to then explore and change. It inspired by Risk: Legacy and USB Minecraft worlds where you give…Read More

We Are Seeds

We Are Seeds is a mobile browser based augmented reality game developed for #ResistJam with @davereece and @blackwool. We developed the concept in an afternoon after thinking about how we feel about fascism and resistance and how we want players to feel. The hope is that players will feel supported by the messages they find…Read More

Boundary Walker – Magical Realism in DungeonWorld

The Boundary Walker is the weird do-everything playbook that I ask my players to use when we run Magical Realist games of DungeonWorld. The characters become archetypes of works by Murakami and Miyazaki which are our inspirations but still have the option to take a diverse array of advanced moves later in the game. This…Read More

Heroes Like Us

Alayna Cole asked me to join her panel “Heroes Like Us: Queer Representation in Games” discussing representation of diverse genders and sexualities in games at PAX Aus 2016. It was an excellent panel with some really important discussion.,queer-representation-in-games-heroes-like-us-at-pax-australia-2016.aspxRead More


Traits are an optional rule variant for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition that replaces inspiration. This variant places the responsibility and power of roleplaying rewards in the hands of the players freeing up mental space for the GM and encouraging players to roleplay harder. Available on Dungeon Master's Guild: Traits on DMsGuild PDF Download: PDF…Read More


Psychic Battlesport in Cyberspace. Psycheball was the third game I worked on for the #Threeforged design competition in 2015. It's a fiasco-like roleplaying game with a team based PVP bluffing mechanic at the centre of the competition elements. Download: Psycheball PDF My knee-jerk reaction to the Psycheball game I received to work on for round…Read More


Amygdala is a platforming action-adventure game for Linux, Mac and Windows in which a disembodied head ventures forth into a mystical world of treacherous obstacles, cunning traps and dastardly enemies to confront the wizard that stole his body. It was released by MachineSpirit in 2014 and greenlit and published on Steam in 2015. The game…Read More


WhisperFollow is a plugin for wordpress written in PHP that enables Tumblr like social blogging on your wordpress blog from across the web by aggregating Microformats2 enhanced webpages and RSS/Atom feeds and allowing reblogging with comments. It does create a new post category for "whispers" into which all reblogs will be posted though one can…Read More

Infinite Ski Run

Download A group assignment for the uni topic "IT Project", Infinite Ski Run was built by Paul Brokensha, Trevor Brokensha, Chris Norman, Daniel Pearson, Mark Wandner and myself to be incorporated into the ‘Rehabilitation Gaming’ project by Mr David Hobbs, School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics at Flinders University. The project was to be coded in Microsoft's XNA game studio and utilize the Xbox controller (also works…Read More


Dobby is a chatbot that runs on an AIML engine with a python wrapper layer with modular addons for things like managing reputations and wolfram alpha lookups. He usually hangs out in #machinespirit on (webchat here) responding to lines prefaced with "dobby, ..." but also responds to xmpp (, twitter (@dobbybot) and text posts…Read More