You see a wyrd-touched traveller through the haze. They grant you a warding magic. What elements bind it?
Roll 2d20:
1) Salt
2) Iron
3) Bone
4) Water
5) Earth
6) Stone
7) Flesh
8) Blood
9) Wind
10) Wood
11) Feathers
12) Glass
13) Cloth
14) String
15) Oil
16) Leather
17) Gold
18) Silver
19) Coal
20) Smoke

Boundary Walker – Magical Realism in DungeonWorld

The Boundary Walker is the weird do-everything playbook that I ask my players to use when we run Magical Realist games of DungeonWorld. The characters become archetypes of works by Murakami and Miyazaki which are our inspirations but still have the option to take a diverse array of advanced moves later in the game.
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