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You can be bad at reading certain kinds of books, watching certain kinds of films or listening to certain kinds of music, or even looking at certain kinds of paintings. That’s what happens when you don’t “get” a piece of work. It’s what happens when Arthouse Cinema, Hardcore Punk Music, or Modernist Paintings leave you scratching your head wondering what other people are finding enjoyable. Further more these other art forms can block you out of their experience. This is what happened to me when trying to read Lord of the Rings. The text was too dense and my skills at turning words into mental images were not advanced enough for me to meaningfully progress through the text. This is the same thing in video games, if your skills at processing the media are not sufficiently advance, you cannot proceed through the text in a meaningful way. The difference is everyone assumes that if you can read books you have all the skills needed to read Lord of the Rings, the Illiad, or medical textbooks whereas we recognize that to play different videogames you need different skills and that some people have not yet developed those skills enough to navigate certain texts. If anything videogames do a BETTER job of handling these issues than other media. There is no tutorial level in Lord of the Rings and you can’t change the difficulty level.

Today I got sunstroke again. 😕

This morning it was so gorgeous just lying about and enjoying cuddles in bed in the warm sunlight. Eventually we managed to pull ourselves away and get up and ready for the day. I spent the morning on idle and getting some work done on The Republic until around one o’clock my mum rocked up for a walk. We had a really nice time doing my regular walk and getting some bakery lunch which was all fine but after feeding BMO and cleaning his room a little I went to start on the dishes and realised I had Sun stroke again like when I went on my walk the other day. I ended up napping and taking a Panadol and drinking water. I’m not sure if those are things you’re supposed to do but I pretty much just kept feeling wrecked for a couple of hours. I did eventually get myself up and get the dishes done, it just took a lot of energon. Luckily I had Adam Koebel’s sweet voice to get me through the whole experience and through the evening as we just continued watching/listening to Court Of Swords the whole time. We dig take a break to go for a Twilight walk which was absolutist gorgeous, largely because of all the amazing Blossom smells around the village.

By the end of the evening though I was falling asleep curled up on the couch listening to Adam and I am greatly looking forward to actual sleep.

I slept weirdly (60%)

I ate alright (60%)

I exercised twice (60 mins)

I meditated for a moment, cuddling my wife (5 mins)

I didn’t practice my voice (0 mins)

Tomorrow is my long work day and I’m hoping I can keep myself focused considering how excited my brain is about games week at this point.

The Republic

platonic-solids-and-elementsThe Republic is a tabletop roleplaying game I'm developing that is about something between social justice and rolling lots of dice. It's the descendant of Platonic Mastery, one of my entries in the 2015 Threeforged RPG design competition. It's dice mechanics have changed and it's focus has become more social justice focused to give it…Read More

Today I relaxed around things.

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning, having been up late last night for DnD. We had a nice slow morning with a lovely porridge breakfast and nice lazy couch cuddles. I had a little nap leading up to midday after which I woke up and did some work that needed to happen out of hours for a work client. It was a bit annoying but at the end of it it just worked and I was left with a suspicious sense of dis-ease.

After I was finished we headed out for a little walk to get some flowers for BMO. When we got back we let him out for a fly while Emily cleaned the bathroom. He was pretty well behaved and had a nice relaxed chill and cuddle. Once he was back in his room we made our way eventually to the couch where Emily played Witcher 3 for a while and I started a Twitter thread where I GM to my Twitter followers and they respond through Twitter polls. I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while since seeing Epidiah Ravachol do pretty much the same thing a while ago. I’m really surprised by the amount of fun I’m having and the story is still ongoing so I’m hoping that I can pick it up again and keep it going in the morning. If I post a poll that gets no responses I’ll stop but till then, I am keen to watch this story unfold. At dinner time we switched from Witcher to Adam Koebel vods and I continued my Twitter GMing. At one point we took a moment to design and order new business cards ready for games week before returning to the couch and the dulcet tones of Adam torturing adventurers before eventually retiring to Clone Wars in bed.

I slept late (60%)

I ate pretty well (80%)

I exercised a little (15 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

I didn’t practice my voice (0 mins)

Tomorrow is Monday which I’m looking forward to spending doing dishes and laundry and going on a walk with mum and continuing this ridiculous Twitter thread.

If you are interested in the Twitter thing you can find the top of the thread here:

Today I entertained arcane nonsense.

I slept in till like ten o’clock this morning just enjoying being in bed. Once I was actually up and about pretty much jumped straight into games stuff, writing up a custom race for a character one of my DnD players wants to play and then fixing done bugs with last night’s Android build of Monadnock. Eventually I found it was suddenly for DnD. We started later than usual today, had a long pre game scene and then spent a while in downtime and preparing to adventure so that we fight actually leave town till around half past seven. We did manage to make it to our destination in the end, a pair of Giant Metal horses in the desert, the party just had one death and multiple incapacitations asking the way. Two players ended up repeatedly staining their very being to deal with the consequences of the previous attempts creating a snowball effect.

In the end I hope we all had fun.

I slept late (55%)

I ate erratically (40%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

I didn’t practice voice (0 mins)

Tomorrow I have some out of hours work to do but other than that it’s pretty much free so I can relax, do dinner chores or game work if I want which sounds nice.

People think being the evil GM is killing characters with traps. No. Being the evil GM is letting the other characters know it was their fault and talking at length about the names and families of the people the party has killed.

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Concept: Great Old Ones arranged from most to least fuckable.

OKAY PEOPLE, SIT DOWN, BECAUSE I MADE A LIST. I even made a list with REASONS. Fuck yeah I’ve been waiting for someone to ask about the fuckability of the Mythos deities for a long time.

Pretty sure these aren’t all Great Old Ones but I don’t care.

Azathoth - The Seething Nuclear Chaos, the Blind Idiot God, being faced with him would destroy your mind and he wouldn’t notice you anyway. Probably one of the least fuckable. You kinda want your partner to at least be aware that you’re there. And not make you lose it.

Nyarlathotep - Dude. Dude. Have you seen the number of FORMS this guy can take? And how much special attention he pays a human when he chooses that human to take interest in?  I imagine he has something for everybody, he’d be fully focused on you, it could blow your mind. GO FOR IT.

Shub-Niggurath - The All-Mother, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, the lady who is often portrayed as either a shifting mass of genitals or VERY satyr-like? Her cult is lucky as hell and you’d be lucky to be part of it. There’s no way she doesn’t top this list.

Yog-Sothoth - Canonically had sex with and twin children by a human woman without her dying or going mad as a result, so this seems like a pretty safe bet. Might not be your most interesting option personality-wise, but I bet that form is hot as fuck if you’re at all xeno, which. If you’re not, why are you even interested in a list of Most Fuckable Great Old Ones? Get outta here.

Hastur - I have no solid reason for wanting to say that Hastur is eminantly fuckable, but good lord I imagine they must be. I want to say this would be an intense and fun experience. Maybe because they come across as a muse to me, associated with writers and actors as they are.

Hydra and/or Dagon - Mother and Father of the Deep Ones, the Deep Ones being fish people who totally do get married to, fuck, and have children with humans, so your odds are good. They’re also apparently super huge so if you’re into size kink along with your xeno then that’ll be fun for you. If you did have kids via either of them they’d be great parents, too, which is always a plus.

Cthulhu - Dead Cthulhu Lies Dreaming deep under the ocean, and when he wakes up he’s gonna go on that huge rampage of his, so, eh. Of course, eventually when things settle down he and his peeps will be teaching and mentoring humanity in its ascension to becoming Something Else, so after that whole scenario there’s some kinky mentor potential, but that’d depend on his awakening happening in your lifetime and you surviving it, so.

Atlach-Natcha - I mean, on the one hand, giant spider with a human face. Doesn’t seem incredibly fuckable by that description, even for xeno furries like myself. On the other hand, she spins the web that connects the waking world to the Dreamlands, so if she wanted I bet you could have some crazy sex dreams. That sounds amazing so I’m gonna say it counts and you should go for it.

Tsathoggua - Huge bat-toad, which honestly just makes him sound super cute. May or may not eat sacrifices, but hey. I like those odds. [finger-guns] He’s also super into self-indulgence and is very intelligent, though lazy. If he wanted to I bet the sex could be great, given that he’d want to indulge himself and encourage you indulging yourself.

Mordiggian - The Charnal God, the Great Ghoul, so like, his form is either a giant mass of darkness straight-up or probably something skeletal or ghoulish. He’s probably not going to be interested in fucking anybody, is what I’m saying here. Even if he went along with it, how would that work without being kinda gross? Necrophilia is where I draw a line, sorry. Fucking this one is unlikely.

Yig - I mean, “a serpent man, serpent with bat-like wings, or… a giant snake” sounds pretty damn hot to me (told you I was a xeno furry). And he’s apparently as easily pleased as he is easy to anger, and as long as you don’t kill any snakes you should be just fine, that seems to be his one rage button.

Daoloth - I mean he’s basically a complex, indescribable shape/mass of metal that transports you to a bizzare and alien world if he touches you, is constantly growing if not held within containment (while in this universe) so could accidentally just… kill everything, and if you actually look at him (ie if things aren’t in pitch black) you lose your mind. While the darkness part makes me want to find SOME way to say this would be kinky, I just don’t think there’s any way it could work. Sorry, you can’t fuck geometry this time.

Cthugha - He’s a giant ball of fire. Even if you like temperature play, fire during sex, things like that, I’m just not sure how this one would work. It would have to involve masturbation with Cthugha nearby, or you having sex with someone else while he voyeurs, or something. Not super fuckable himself.

Y'Golonac - With a name like “the Defiler” you know this one’s gonna be good. Y'Golonac is “the god of perversion and depravity,” a sadist, he encourages “depravity” in humans, and he has a mouth in each palm and is at least sometimes portrayed as having a mouth at his crotch as well. I’m betting he’s a fuckin’ AMAZING Dom, is what I’m saying.

Gla'aki - On the one hand, all his worshippers are undead, because if you touch one of his spines you die and turn undead and join his hivemind. Also he’s a giant slug covered in spines. So I’m not sure how that’d work, but on the OTHER hand, he’s apparently intensely smart, so he might be able to think of some way to make it work himself, and some people find hivemind stuff kinky, so if being a zombie doesn’t bother you, idk. I don’t know your life.

Abhoth - Don’t. You’ll get an infection.

Ithaqua - Another giant, so great for size kink, and if you join his cult you won’t be affected by the cold, so the arctic wastes will become a great potential for mild temperature play, so there’s that. Again he may or may not eat people, but on the other hand, he’s apparently tried to reproduce a lot because he’s incredibly lonely, and there’s, like, some bullshit romance novel potential right there. But if you want to stay on Earth, I wouldn’t.

Yegg Ha - If you find Nightgaunts sexy, this is the god for you! And who doesn’t find the faceless, totally silent, super strong, winged nightgaunts sexy? I’m betting this one’s super into tickle play, though, so if that does nothing for you, maybe refrain.

Tru'nembra - Living noise. It’s also possible he’s not really aware of what decible level humans can handle, given that he’s described “with soundwaves louder then ever recorded blasting off of the shimmering mass of air he would manifest in.” Even if he was quieter, though, not sure how sex would actually work. Maybe he could be your mood music/horrible background porn soundtrack, but like with Cthugha, sex with him wouldn’t actually be a thing.

Yidhra - A “beautiful, awesome, and terrible earth-mother” who is regularly being reborn, the fact that she’s another lady (lady deities are RARE in the Mythos wow) made me want to add her, and when I saw that she’s fuckin’ telepathic and an an illusionist I knew I had made a good choice. Can you imagine all the ways someone could use telepathy and illusions during sex? The only downside is that she doesn’t seem very xeno. Maybe more like fucking a classical goddess or someone with superpowers. Still, fuckin’ awesome.


1. Shub-Niggurath
2. Nyarlathotep
3. Y'Golonac
4. Hastur
5. Hydra and/or Dagon
6. Atlach-Natcha
7. Yog-Sothoth
8. Tsathoggua
9. Yidhra
10. Yig
11. Yegg Ha
12. Cthulhu
13. Ithaqua
14. Mordiggian
15. Gla'aki
16. Cthugha
17. Tru'nembra
18. Azathoth
19. Daoloth
20. Abhoth


You know that moment when you see a notification on your dashboard, informing you that the reblog of your dreams has finally happened?

I disagree with some of the final list here, but I’m so glad someone finally engaged with me on this in a well-reasoned and considerate way.