Today I was the best alchemist.

We were up around eight despite our late night playing DnD because we had to be dressed and ready to attend the village AGM at quarter to ten. We arrived and talked to people and then say through the opening of the meeting and the most boring but, the financial resolutions before realising that if we weren’t eligible to vote because we haven’t fully paid off our levies there wasn’t a need for us to be there. So when the morning tea break happened we bailed, went for a walk around the village and then rested at home for a bit before going to grab groceries for the evening. When we got back Chris and Cat were waiting because they were slightly early and so we headed inside, had a drink and then let BMO out for a fly. He was super personable with us wanting cuddles all the time but got shitty with Chris and Catherine because they were new and gave them a bit of grief. Eventually though he had a bath and warmed up to Cat before being put back in his room. Once he was away we started playing games. We ended up paying Codenames for longer than expected because it was super fun and then after a small break we cracked open Alchemists. We ragged on it initially for being overly complex, opaque and confusing but by the end of it we all understood it mostly and i was really into it, though I was winning. In the end I really like both those games. And had a lot of fun, especially because I won Alchemists by such a wide margin.

I slept late (45%)

I ate alright (55%)

I exercised with Emily a little (15 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow it’s been too the trash fire at work so we’ll see how much I can resolve of that 

Today I got high concept with the old DnD.

I had a nice chill morning, sleeping in and enjoying the sunshine. After I went and picked Emily up from Willunga we had some breakfast together and then had an awesome powerclean of the house. I also managed to reply to an important email about tomorrow’s village AGM before Alison and Bear arrived for DnD. Once we got started on DnD it was awesome and despite spending ages in town before even starting out on a quest we managed to have a really fascinating adventure with a cool high concept around hubris using the Icari, my own versions of harpies which was super cool. Plus I got to play an awkward but friendlyish goblin at one point which was really fun. We did go a little late though.

I slept late but nicely (75%)

I ate mostly trash (50%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow is the village AGM which is important but super dry but we are playing games with friends in the afternoon to make up for it which will be lovely.

Today I was a busy bee.

Sure, I was ten minutes late to work today but while I was there I sorted out someone’s printing issues, fixed a client’s timeout settings, attended a standup and a team meeting and wrote a kupfer plugin to try and help me keep track of where my time goes. After work I headed home, had a power nap (read: regular nap) and then played a few rounds of Overwatch, pwning as D.Va before heading to cam’s. It was really nice to hang out with Cammi for the evening because she’s just good company to share space with and I really miss that now that we no longer live together. We also got to talk about the real stuff which is good because I feel like we can talk about that stuff well and understand each other and also I really like being able to be the big sister with a little more life behind her able to provide advice but also knowing that if I’m hurting or need to talk, my little sister is there for me. While I was idly working on stuff at Cammi’s I managed to get versions of my Variant Humans and Traits Rules up onto the Dungeon Master’s Guild which is really exciting. I didn’t end up getting home till late but I’m glad I got to hang out with Cammi and even got her to install Vector so now we can have Matrix chats 😁.

I slept lightly again (45%)

I ate alright (50%)

I didn’t exercise (0 mins)

I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow we’re playing splinteringwheel in the afternoon and I’m pretty damn excited.