dungeonpunk is the crunchy punk fantasy adventure roleplaying game. For those in the know it’s a Powered By The Apocalypse system using Blades In The Dark dice pools to create a game that is compatible with Old School Renaissance modules while still supporting freeform play and believing in Playing To Find Out What Happens. If you’re familiar with DungeonWorld and World Of Dungeons, think of this as a game that takes those vibes and goes harder on the Do It Yourself elements. It’s a simple game to run a mechanically robust fantasy adventure in, and designed to be hacked and expanded on with modules, supplements, expansions, and house rules. It’s 8 pages so it can be printed full size, as 2 sheet zine, or as 1 sheet folded booklet. It’s offered under a CreativeCommons Zero license (aka Public Domain) which means you can do whatever the fuck you like with it and you don’t have to pay or even attribute anyone if you don’t want to. And this version is open for comment and suggestions on Google Docs so we can update it and make it better with the community’s help.
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Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows

Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows is an ethically designed narrative idle game set in the early history of the Game Of Thrones universe. It features modular stories told through a real-time idle play model where players send out expeditions and messages and then wait for messages in return to respond to. As Gameplay and Narrative Designer I was responsible for designing the gameplay systems as well as the narrative structures of the game to create an engaging experience that players would be excited to return to time and again over interspersed play periods. Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows is an Apple Arcade exclusive. You can find it at: apple.co/taleofcrows
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Fate Of Cthulhu: Necronomicon

Fate Of Cthulhu is a terminator inspired re-imagining of the Cthulhu mythos as a tabletop roleplaying game. Players return from a doomed future to try and prevent the end of the world at the hands of cosmic elder gods at the cost of their own corruption. The system is FATE based and the text explicitly distances itself from the racist beliefs of H.P. Lovecraft with an aim to make playing within the mythos accessible to a diverse audience. For Fate Of Cthulhu I wrote one of the possible doomed futures wherein the Necronomicon when scanned into the internet takes over all thinking machines from computers to human brains, sending them all mad. The Necronomicon future will be available as a digital download later in 2020.
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Hack The Planet

Hack The Planet is a cyberpunk/climatepunk roleplaying game based on Blades In The Dark. In it players play a crew of criminals trying to get ahead in Shelter One, the last known remaining human city in a world ravaged and transformed by climate change. Crews attempt to harness natural disasters and phenomena called “Acts Of God” as a way of getting ahead in a cyberpunk dystopia. For Hack The Planet I wrote two regions, the Crowlakes and the Paratonnerre Mountains, two factions, the Heckati Shades and Svaltun Hold, and a crew type playbook, the Rangers. You can get Hack The Planet from DriveThruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/268457/Hack-the-Planet-Cyberpunk-Forged-in-the-Dark
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Cut To The Chase

Cut To The Chase is a tabletop roleplaying game for two players with mechanics specifically focused on scenes and stories of chase and pursuit. The book itself contains the rules for the game system and a number of pre-written scenarios for players to play out or use as inspiration for their own stories. For Cut To The Chase I wrote one of the book’s pre-written scenarios; Paris To Angkor. Inspired by stories like Indiana Jones and The Great Escape, and races like the Peking to Paris or the Paris-Dakar rally, Paris to Angkor sees an archaeologist trying to return an ancient relic to it’s home in the Angkor Wat while pursued by agents of the Illuminati, both parties attempting to stop the oncoming second world war in their own way. Cut To The Chase was published by Mongrel Tabletop Games. You can find it at drivethrurpg: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/258776/Cut-to-the-Chase
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Ruins is roguelike dungeon crawling roleplaying game for one player and friends. It is a hybrid computer game and tabletop roleplaying game inspired by old school dungeons and dragons, parser based adventure games, and post-forge tabletop roleplaying games. Explore procedurally generated ruins filled with monsters, traps, and ancient treasure. Rest at campfires and commune with other players in the ruins. Delve deep into layers of complex history and right long forgotten wrongs. I created Ruins as a solo project. Get Ruins on Itch.io
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Today I played games. I spent a bunch of the day playing Terraria with Erin and Christine and then I ran a wee session if Splintering Wheel for Discord friends and then I spent the rest of the evening working on Qud mods. It was extremely chill and lovely.

Today I mostly relaxed. I had a nice video chat with Emily, I got some work done on a code project I’m working on, I finished watching Waiting For Godot, I hung out with Clover for a bit, and I streamed some Caves Of Qud! It was great!

Today I napped a lot. I slept in til eleven and then between video chats and watching streams and ordering groceries and doing some hobby code I managed to nap a bunch of times as well. I had a nasty headache for a bunch of the day and the futon plus weighted blanket is a deadly combo of comfiness so I didn’t really stand a chance.

Today I got to catch up with friends. I managed to make it into the Arcade by around midday today and got to chat with a friend who is sitting at the desk across from me. I struggled with the cold from the air conditioning though and my fatigue kicked in pretty hard around 2pm so I managed to find an out of the way chair to take a nap in. After finishing up at the arcade I walked to a friend’s place nearby and we had dinner and played a boardgame before I headed home to nurse a nasty headache that’s been hanging around this week.

Today was my first day working at the Arcade. I worked out the public transport to get there and it’s not great but it’s workable. I got there at midday and had some solid work time in between catching up with Melbourne friends I haven’t seen in ages. Headed home around six and finished off the least couple of hours of work there, which I think is a nice pattern.

Today I tried not to get a migraine. I have a headache on the left side of my head which usually develops into a migraine or, more commonly for me these days, a cluster headache which is worse. I was going to go into the Arcade for my first day in the coworking space today but I decided to play it safe and nurse my head. I watched the last episode of the new Dracula show with Erin and Christine which was less good than the first two but still interesting. I played some civ 6 with Clover, and now I’m trying to get what work work I can get done without pushing myself too hard. Tomorrow though: The Arcade. Leaving the house.

Today I organised a desk at The Arcade. It’s a bit of a hassle to get there from the house but getting to work in the Arcade was half the reason I came to Melbourne so I’m proud of myself for actually getting that sorted. Tomorrow I’ll try catching BM public transport there to see how that goes.

Today I went to the shops. Mostly it was just a comfy day. I slept in till like midday because this new weighted blanket is WAY too comfy and it’s gonna be a PROBLEM, and I spent most of the day watching the new Netflix Dracula or playing Civ 6 with people I love. But in the middle I managed to navigate myself to the supermarket, which is about a 20 minute walk through a lovely park, in search of a pillow and a towel, get way too enthusiastic about buying snacks, and then slowly lug the heavy bags back to the house, which I’m pretty proud of. Exploring and problem solving!

Today I flew to Melbourne without a return ticket. A couple of people asked me if I was excited but I really don’t know. I’m more lost than anything but that was kind of my intention, to take away my own routines and safe familiarities and set myself adrift on the winds of fate. Staying in Adelaide was kind of stagnant in some ways, painful in others, and depressing in others. I don’t know what happens now that I’ve left but I’m at least curious to see, if not quite “excited” about that unknown.

Qud Kissing

Qud Kissing adds a deeper relationship system to Caves Of Qud modelling personal interests, conversation, dates, and physical attraction for all creatures in the game. You can find it on the Steam Workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1749419330 Or download the zip file here: https://github.com/acegiak/qudkissing/archive/master.zip Or view the source on GitHub: https://github.com/acegiak/qudkissing
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image copyright Failbetter Games Ltd

Fallen London is a free to play browser based Victorian Gothic text adventure. Their premium subscription service offers a new Exceptional Story to play through each month.

For June 2019 I wrote The Garden Embassy: an Exceptional Story that sees you invited to the grand opening of the Garden Embassy, a mysterious establishment representing a collection of her majesty’s overseas colonies.

(Spoilers for Fallen London content ahead)

The Garden Embassy was an incredible privilege to write for Fallen London as it centers on an ambassadorial entourage from the antipodean colonies of the British Empire and the fate of those colonies in Fallen London’s alternate timeline. I greatly enjoyed filling the module with Australian references for players to puzzle out and creating characters that could provide real positive representation of Australia’s first nations peoples, as well as plenty of queer representation too.


Polearms is a mod for Caves Of Qud that adds 3 polearms to the game, pikes, glaives, and poleaxes, as well as skills for use with them and an ‘extended’ mod that can be applied to weapons with tinkering to make them into polearms.

You can find it on the Steam Workshop here:

Or download the zip file here:

Or view the source on GitHub:

Today I laid about in bed till eleven while Emily went for a walk with a friend. We ran some errands and got tidied up before heading out for the afternoon where I dropped Emily off at an appointment and then went and got some new RAM to replace the sticks that died the other day before heading to Melody’s. We had a really chill evening and I managed to play a few Apex Legends which I’m really enjoying.

Sunless Skies: Felined Eccentric and Queer Rep

image copyright Failbetter Games Ltd Sunless Skies is a gothic horror computer roleplaying game with a focus on exploration and exquisite storytelling. I was initially brought on to the Sunless Skies project as a queer representation consultant through Queerly Represent Me, where we examined content involving queer characters and provided feedback on the implementation of those themes. As a result of the quality of my feedback during this consultation process the Failbetter team brought me onto the project as a writer to help write one of their major characters The Felined Eccentric, and to provide ongoing advice on queer rep topics in the game. The Felined Eccentric’s storyline is a metephorical transgender narrative that highlights the positivity of gender transition instead of more common themes of suffering. It also examines toxic masculinity and it’s relationship to different kinds of feminine social roles in western society. The character has been extremely well received by the queer community and the broader player base. You can find more about Sunless Skies here: https://www.failbettergames.com/sunless-skies/
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Today I arrived home. I slept at Cammi’s last night and she gave me a lift home around lunch time. Emily and I shared lunch and then it was time for game date with Erin. We tried to play Dawn Of War 2 but it wasn’t having it so we played Stardew instead. Afterwards though I had to have a nap on the couch cause I was so hot and tired. Afterwards Emily and I spent the evening watching Court Of Swords which was really nice.

Yesterday I flew home.

I was up at 3:30am and Karri picked us up at 4:15 to drop us at the airport because she is an angel. My flight was at six and Melody’s was at eight so I listened to a podcast in the air and then waited at Adelaide for her flight to get in. We headed back to Mel’s place where we napped for a few hours before she dropped me off at Cammi’s and I just crashed there for the night.

Today was the second half of Arcanacon.

I woke up exhausted but perked up with some breakfast on the way to the convention centre. I ran Oracle for the first and last sessions of the day again, with a nap on the grass and a trip to Muji in between. The reception Oracle received over the weekend was awesome. The last game of the con was the best because everyone was so bought in from the hype from previous sessions. I was still completely tired out at the end of it but at least I finished the con on a real high note.