Today I cobbled things together.

I ended up deciding to have a no-makeup day today because I wouldn’t get another opportunity for one until next Wednesday and although I had trouble with my plain face and new hair yesterday today I seem to be doing ok with it! Still feeling super cute!

At work I was kind of useless as my brain couldn’t get into work mode easily and when it did it was all fuzzy from fasting. On the plus side I got an hour of overtime out of a client’s side deleting is own files which had to be resolved immediately after I had knocked off for the day.

Despite the fact that my stomach didn’t get majorly grumpy about fasting I still had to contend with my brain being less then brilliant so when we went out in the afternoon I started struggling with some mental stuff between weird online interactions with some friends and a frustrating chat with Emily’s mum and my general mood crash and had to work tally hard to get a panic attack under control which I’m quite proud of. After we’d obtained motor oil, wine, and a chiropractic adjustment, we headed home where I curled up on the couch and played Age of Empires 2 HD while we watched Nebula Jazz until bedtime.

Tomorrow I’m headed into work and I am hoping for two things, one, that everyone freaks out about my hair, and two, that I can focus on work for one solid day considering we’re heading out to Sydney on Friday.

Today I lost at Magic.

This morning once I was up and about (Emily was up early for a PT session that got cancelled so she went for a walk) I organised myself some breakfast and then tried to work out the vods for last night’s I Am Not Trying To Kill You stream which ended up being complicated but in the end I worked out how to do what I needed with kdenlive. A little before twelve we headed down to Willunga for lunch with Julia’s family which was nice enough but felt I a little distant today taking to them and especially Julia for some reason which was frustrating. On the plus side every time I walked past a mirror I was surprised by my reflection and started smiling and posing and just generally feeling great cause I love how this hair looks on me. After lunch we did some dollhouse assembly, or Emily did, and then we got it the Magic cards for a game of commander. Rhys had a new pre-built commander deck which did totally destroy us but it was fun to get the cards out considering how long it’s been since we last played.

Once we were finished getting beaten and made our way home I managed to get the vods uploaded to YouTube and finished off the dishes while we watched the last of the Court of Swords that’s out and started catching up on Nebula Jazz.

Tomorrow is gonna be a fasting day and working from home which is really confusing because of how today was a public holiday so I am going straight from no work to working from home such seems weird.

Today I got a haircut.

I’ve had the same hair for pretty much my entire adult life, even through gender transition. I realised a while ago that although I wear it in a pretty standard way it’s the same way that a bunch of my favourite characters from games and other media wear their hair and I’ve resonated with that, found strength in sharing a look with my heroes. But I’m going to GXaus this weekend and I need my look to be extra cybergay so after spending the morning having breakfast and then doing some website work for one of Emily’s clients we headed up McLaren Vale and I had my first proper serious fem haircut. I showed Anne, the hairdresser, a bunch of random pictures of cyberpunk bobs and then a bunch of pictures of Sombra from Overwatch and then they did crazy shit with my hair for four hours and at the end I looked fully ready to pilot a giant robot or hack a corporate mainframe and I am chuffed as fuck.

When we got home we took some pictures with the good camera and then I headed straight to my desk to start preparing for today’s episode of I Am Not Trying To Kill You. I didn’t get much prep time and it was tight work to wrap up the story line in four hours but we did it and it was so fucking epic. Tomorrow I’m gonna have to edit the vods and put them up online as quick as possible because I am so freaking proud of how amazing that session was. Between my amazing hair and my GMing skills in pretty sure I’m at near peak attractiveness to Emily right now. Oh and we got accepted for the Indie Games Room. And the schedule for GXaus with all the things I’m in came out. God I feel amazing right now.

Tomorrow we’re gonna go and have lunch with Julia’s family and just chill out for the day. We might even get some game work done.

Today I relaxed with my wife.

We lazed about in bed for a good long time this morning. We finally emerged for hot cross buns and feijoas for breakfast which we had while I started my own journey in No Man’s Sky. My starting planet was a lot harsher than Emily’s so I’m having a very different experience all around. Of course, the GM in me has to name every single thing so that does slow me down a bit but it’s a lot of fun. I just wish it weren’t so easy to accidentally submit an unfinished name, both planets I’ve been to now have at least one typo species.

After a few hours of space exploration we headed out to the shops where Emily went in and got things because I was unshowered, unshaven, and still wearing my onesie.

When we got back we had some lunch and then decided to have a bath and watch some Court Of Swords which we did for a very long and relaxing lovely time. When we finally emerged I put my onesie back on and we continued Court of Swords as I did some of the dishes and Emily started sorting out the secondary bookshelf which she continued even as I gave up on my task and retired to the couch to play Age Of Emipres 2 for the rest of the evening. Her organising of the bookshelf was super impressive though and its so nice to have that corner of the house sorted out now even if it does mean getting rid of some books we don’t really want anymore.

Tomorrow we’ve got my streaming show I Am Not Trying To Kill You in the evening where we’re going to try and wrap up the story of the MountainBoat crew and I’m genuinely worried about whether or not I have the skill required to wrap it up nicely but I trust my players and I’m learning to trust my own skills so we’ll see how that goes. Before that though, Emily and I might go out on a little date! We’ll see how we feel in the morning.

Today I made people have a religious experience.

This morning I maybe slept in a while and then when Emily got home I was sitting on the floor next to BMO’s cage playing with him while wearing a towel because I got distracted on the way to the shower. Eventually I had some breakfast and a shower and then sat down to do some really cool makeup for GMing. I tried using multiple colours of eyeshadow for the first time which made a cool gradient and tried doing some cool shapes with my eyeliner which weren’t as neat as I would have liked but I’m gonna keep practicing cause cool makeup is so much fun! Once we were all ready for the day we headed out and got some lunch and by the time we’d gotten home and eaten it Bear and Alison arrived for DnD. The game included some character creation and a lot of bushitting and even a little nap for Alison and I but we managed to introduce the new character, set out on a quest, encounter some fire beetles and a church whose enchantment magic gave characters who failed a wisdom save an overwhelming religious experience of universal unconditional love which I thought was cool but obviously it wasn’t as cool for my players as they mostly reacted bitterly and angrily towards the situation which I had assumed some would but I had hoped at least one character would take something meaningful on board from the experience. At least they decided not to fully destroy the stained glass that made the effect. There was also some cool stuff with a Dwarven wizard the players know from their past being magically sick from trying to cast a resurrection spell on himself as he was dying and thus fucking it up and the players having to deal with his feverish body hovering four feet off the ground at all times.
It was a pretty neat adventure and I had a surprising amount of feels but I also learned some valuable GMing lessons which is always good.

Tomorrow I’m pretty sure we’re having a chill day and I’m gonna finally do the dishes.

Today I got stuff done even if it was stupid.

I ended up being slightly late to my desk this morning due to going to sleep too late the night before.

At work I managed to finally run the script than a suspends all the flagged users and get that mess sorted out as well as finish the upgrade from yesterday.

Dave arrived at around morning tea time and had to leave temporarily to go get his charging cable for his laptop at around the time I was knocking off. By the time he got back however I was knocking off again after having to revert the morning’s suspensions after having been called up by my manager who explained that the client thinks we’ve done the suspensions wrong because they seem to have changed their criteria since confirming the dataset of records for suspension. I was furious but didn’t have the energy to do anything with it other than complain bitterly over slack.

Eventually Emily had to go to her mum’s house and dinner time and then Dave got fish and chips while I made myself a cuppa soup and a piece of toast for dinner. We did a little extra work and I managed to submit our expression of interest for the Indie games room at avcon before retiring to the couch to watch new QI with the genuinely brilliant Sandy Toksvig which Dave Eventually joined me for until it was bed time.

I’m pretty sure I’m GMing DnD tomorrow but the only thing I can think about at the moment is all the things I’m gonna eat.

Today I nailed things I didn’t even expect to finish.

I was tired this morning and ended up being a little late for work, especially as it was wet so I needed an umbrella and tried to walk on the sides of my feet so no water would get in through the holes in my shoes, the weather though was very pleasant it wasn’t cold and the rain just fell straight down without​ and wind so it was quite a calming, soaking, still rain. At work I finally got a sample dataset to this client to approve so that we could confirm which users in the database needed to be suspended. It’s taken us three weeks now just to get to this point because they keep changing their criteria. I also started working on upgrading a client’s system but discovered I would have to install another piece of software first for which the install script was broken. My manager told me to leave it and to do some overtime from home to completely reinstall the stack and to do it late at night because it would temporarily bring down all the sites in that shared server. So I finished up the rest of my work for the day, forgetting to have lunch until half past three again. I headed home in the rain and find my beautiful wife and we had dinner and then, with Emily’s help, I totally finished my second game for the 200word rpg challenge and submitted them both online! Eventually at eleven pm I logged into the client’s system and realised that reinstalling the stack would probably not work so instead I chased the error through multiple files and multiple packages until I finally found and fixed the broken code in a language I didn’t know and installed the required software successfully and then walked away feeling like the biggest badass in the world and watched a couple more episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine with Emily in bed before sleep.

I was up late tonight and tomorrow is a fasting day so I’m mostly just worried about being a less than best version of myself which I always hate.