The Republic

A TTRPG about marginalised characters bending the elements to rise up against their oppressors.

The Republic is a result of the Threeforged TTRPG design competition.

I created a novel dice mechanic for roleplaying element bending ala Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend Of Korra, Vincent Baker based on the associations of platonic solids (and thus dice shapes) with the primal elements described by Plato in the Timaeus dialogue.

Vincent Baker then took the inspiration from Plato a step further and built the fiction of old philosophical masters seeking to destroy the corrupt and oppressive Republic they have created.

Mark Redacted expanded the text further and polished it into a more unified document.

During the discussion and voting period, the concern was raised that the game that had been developed created a problematic white savior narrative and so after the judging for the competition was complete I got permission from Vincent and Mark to develop the game further into something that plays out a story of the marginalized and oppressed rising up and freeing themselves. The result is The Republic which still employs its novel dice mechanic and uses the power to bend the elements as metaphor for the means of production and the bearing of arms, and also a strong set of systems for constructing an oppressive republic, and then following the struggle of those rising up against it.

You can find The Republic on and DriveThruRPG.

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