Rise Of The Basilisk

An official alternate timeline for FATE Of Cthulhu about dangerous ideas

Rise Of The Basilisk was a stretch goal for the FATE Of Cthulhu kickstarter. It is one of several alternate timelines which the heroes of FATE Of Cthulhu must try and disrupt by traveling back in time from the doomed future. Most of the timelines for FATE Of Cthulhu explore a timeline doomed by one of the great old ones of the Cthulhu mythos. Rise Of The Basilisk, however, takes the idea of the Necronomicon, a book, or knowledge, which sends those who behold it mad, and expands upon it dramatically, asking what would happen if such dangerous information were disseminated through the internet and spread throughout the world. This is where it gets its name "Rise Of The Basilisk" where a Basilisk is something which is dangerous to behold or an idea which is harmful to its thinker.

The supplement provides a full description of the doomed timeline and four key points for player characters to intervene to try and save humanity from the Godthink Basilisk including stat blocks and moves for NPCs, enemies, and places.

Rise Of The Basilisk is available on DriveThruRpg.

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