Fly By Night

A Sunless Skies fan TTRPG

Fly By Night is a love letter to the Sunless Skies setting in TTRPG form. Sunless Skies has an official tabletop roleplaying game, available for free as promotional material for Skies, but it's design makes it inappropriate for the style of play that I and my community want to engage in. In the tabletop roleplaying game design world there is a saying that if you wish for something you have to make it and so I made a game set in a Sunless Skies style setting but based off the rules of Blades In The Dark which is an excellent system for running games about crews of players working together in some common endeavour, in this case the crew of a sky locomotive.

The 17 page PDF contains rules for 11 character classes, managing and upgrading a sky locomotive, and GMing the terrifying boundless heavens with example Discoveries and Indomitable Forces.

Fly By Night is available at