A simple quick start dungeon delving ttrpg to hack and build your own table's game upon.

dungeonpunk is a simple fantasy tabletop roleplaying game designed be easy to start play with and easy to hack and expand on with house rules and supplements. The game is a simple stripped back set of rules based on Apocalypse World and Blades In The Dark provided under a Creative Commons Zero or Public Domain license with a community wiki available at dungeonpunk.xyz all in the hopes of building an ecosystem of moves, monsters, house rules, supplements, and hacks that can be shared and used according to each tables' needs. The hope is that if players want to "Play some DnD" that dungeonpunk will let them get started quickly and easily and let them add the complexity they want as they go.

You can find dungeonpunk on itch and also on the community wiki at dungeonpunk.xyz.