About Acegiak

Ashton McAllan (1988-11-23)
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Pronouns: she/her/hers
An Ideas Girl.
Botmother, Gamemaster
and Internet Ghost.

I was put on the planet to make games. My father, like his father before him, is a tinkerer, always working on different machines or vintage cars and I would always be fascinated by helping to pull things apart, seeing how they worked and then fiddling with them till they either worked again or did something new. In 1998 the Dad brought home a Sony Playstation and our local library got an internet connection and my world changed. These were machines that could create entire worlds. I wanted to tinker with that.

For the rest of my school years I started designing games, building them and putting them online. I built platformers, text based rpgs, a game of tag played on a torus and an MMORPG hacked together out of a bulletin board system. At fifteen we got our first D&D books and I immediately became Dungeon Master and have never stopped, honing my skills at growing stories through gameplay.

When I finished school I refused the sensible options and enrolled in a Bachelor of Information Technology at Flinders University where I helped with the game Infinite Ski Run for David Hobb’s program to rehabilitate children with cerebral palsy through specialised game controllers and also built Animal Altercation, a system to determine, through the power of imagination, which is the fightinest animal of all time.

After Uni I took up a nine to five but kept building games in my spare time, in 2013 I started Amygala to learn the libgdx system and box2d physics engine and submitted it as a laugh to the AVCon Indie Games room. When it got accepted I had to rope in Sam Morris for extra help with the code and my partner Emily McAllan for “good art” to get the game ready for display in three months. The game received a large and positive response but in the process I burnt myself out a fair bit and in February 2014 I lost my job. Realising I couldn’t take more soulrending office hours I decided to finally take the leap of faith and start a company to sell the games we’re making. I’m still falling at the moment, keen to see where I land.