One of the great things about the indieweb has been following people BECAUSE they’re on it and not necessarily sharing many other interests and sharing worldviews between those people. It feels like the old web again.

It would be cool to be have a browser extension that not only aggregated posts from people you follow but also displays indieweb comments for pages on those pages even if they don’t collect the comments themselves?

I need to work out how I want to save the same problem. I’ve tried minimising the impact of asides visually but they’re still a distraction. I’ve thought about not having asides display on the my landing page and having that just display articles but that seems like a bad idea.

Fuck yeah! Got basic #Indieweb Salmention handling working!
goes all the way through
and shows up on

You can see the changes I made to the Semantic Linkbacks Plugin for WordPress here:

I’m aware it’s janky and incomplete but it does basically work. Any pull requests to help improve it would be greatly appreciated.

Now I think it’s time for bed.

This is the reason I suggested #indieweb salmentions.

If I reply to you and someone replies to me I send an update mention when I approve the reply and then you can display the reply on your site by reading my marked up display of the reply on my site?

Do we have an #indieweb equivalent of global hashtags and livetweeting yet? Maybe @yacy_search can help us do it in a decentralised way? I could have a YaCy instance running that I automatically crawl when I post new articles and then can search it for hashtags etc when I want to see what others are saying? I suppose any search engine tech could work but it seems easy enough to use a decentralised one.

if you’re building an #indieweb reader think about what ux decisions you can make to make your reader easy and useful without being addictive and problematic. Currently I’ve found myself losing a lot of time to endlessly scrolling my WhisperFollow feed to the point where it is an issue I need to address.