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You know what? The fact that most employment is structured like monogamy sucks. Even if I'm freelancing that ends up just being serial monogamy. I want to move between work teams like I move between social groups, friendships, and partners, not be forced to choose which project I'm going to work on to the exclusion of all others.

The weird thing about therapy is that normally when you see a doctor or a specialist or anything like that there's a little bit of small talk before you actually discuss the reason for the appointment but as soon as you sit down and the therapist asks you how you're doing today you're basically already doing therapy! There's no buffer moment to collect yourself!

Ok I've worked out how to have pinned notes on my site display nicely to act as a portfolio. I just need to work out how I want them ordered. That and working out if I want the whole post visible on the main page or just summaries and then the full text displayed when the post is clicked on.