Cut To The Chase

Cut To The Chase is a tabletop roleplaying game for two players with mechanics specifically focused on scenes and stories of chase and pursuit. The book itself contains the rules for the game system and a number of pre-written scenarios for players to play out or use as inspiration for their own stories.

For Cut To The Chase I wrote one of the book’s pre-written scenarios; Paris To Angkor. Inspired by stories like Indiana Jones and The Great Escape, and races like the Peking to Paris or the Paris-Dakar rally, Paris to Angkor sees an archaeologist trying to return an ancient relic to it’s home in the Angkor Wat while pursued by agents of the Illuminati, both parties attempting to stop the oncoming second world war in their own way.

Cut To The Chase was published by Mongrel Tabletop Games. You can find it at drivethrurpg: