Sunless Skies: Felined Eccentric and Queer Rep

image copyright Failbetter Games Ltd

Sunless Skies is a gothic horror computer roleplaying game with a focus on exploration and exquisite storytelling.

I was initially brought on to the Sunless Skies project as a queer representation consultant through Queerly Represent Me, where we examined content involving queer characters and provided feedback on the implementation of those themes.

As a result of the quality of my feedback during this consultation process the Failbetter team brought me onto the project as a writer to help write one of their major characters The Felined Eccentric, and to provide ongoing advice on queer rep topics in the game. The Felined Eccentric’s storyline is a metephorical transgender narrative that highlights the positivity of gender transition instead of more common themes of suffering. It also examines toxic masculinity and it’s relationship to different kinds of feminine social roles in western society. The character has been extremely well received by the queer community and the broader player base.

You can find more about Sunless Skies here:

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