Oracle is a card based tabletop roleplaying game told in future tense. A group of adventurers meet with an oracle to tell them what the future holds as they set out on a quest. The game is played by revealing and playing cards in shuffled hands.

It is inspired by tarot, Hand Of Fate, Court Of Swords, and roguelike games.

You can purchase Oracle as Early Access on to support it’s development at:

You can find the full text of Oracle for free at:

You can also download the Print’n’play PDF here:

The Cards for Oracle can be found as individual image files in

If you want to play on and have a pro account, you can add findthelady.js as an API script to your campaign which will let you use the !shuffle command to shuffle all selected tokens. I make a macro for !shuffle so I can have a nice button to press.



  • D'Challa
  • Alex
  • Marcus Cross
  • several gay monsters
  • Mitch ?
  • Alissa McAloon
  • Emily McAllan
  • Willow???
  • Isaac Karth
  • Hell-Bent Feminist Devil
  • RPG Casts (Tess)
  • Jason?Tasharski
  • damon ? home
  • Nora Blake
  • TwinCam


  • Lee May ?
  • Morgan Jaffit
  • Erin - ?️‍? - People wrangler, food fenangler

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