Early Access

I make games. But I’m also messy and anxious. I believe my work is good and that I should be paid for it. But I also want people to have my games without it stressing my finances. So here’s the plan:

  • I am going to continue making games, both solo and with friends.
  • I am going to share the very earliest versions of those games with my Patreon patrons.
  • When a game feels like it’s at a point I’m ready to share it to the larger world, I will release it as “Early Access”.
  • Early access from me means that you can purchase an early access copy of the game that entitles you to all future digital versions of the game.
  • Early access from me means that it is released for free on the internet for those who can’t or aren’t ready to back it financially yet.
  • Early access from me means that I haven’t finished with the game yet and I will likely release updates, but who knows when.
  • Early access from me means the work is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

When the game is done, there will likely be publishing and such, at which point it will stop being Early Access and those who purchased it get a digital copy of the finished game.
I hope that sits chill with all of you.



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