Today I did adventures despite being super tired.

This morning was the first day on increased meds and I managed to get through the finale of our Girl By Moonlight game but afterwards I was SO EXHAUSTED. Gwen came around at around lunch time and we all went on an adventure to get some indoor plants and then when we got home I managed to work on and post an update to The Republic, before basically crashing. I got to listen to Sarah reading a story for her patreon patrons and then basically spent the rest of the night watching Court Of Swords and Brooklyn Nine Nine. It’s very very strange being in this place of mental health… crisis? Cause some of the time I feel fine and even good and I can’t work out what all the fuss is about, and then other times I’m just completely out of my own head in different ways. I’m trying real hard not to hate on myself for being a burden, especially on Emily, And instead trying my best to just be thankful for the people supporting me in a really scary time.



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