Today I worked on spare tasks.

I wanted to get down to work hard today on some of the paid games stuff I thought I’d be doing but delays and things meant that I couldn’t do any of that. So instead I helped Emily with her website, got most of the dishes done, posted updates to my Patreon, fixed up some RPG stuff, and ran a playtest of In Which We Live And Breathe. The playtest was really freakin rad and I’m so glad to see the game working as well as it did. It feels like the game is through its initial trial by fire and is now something rad worth continuing.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to hear from people who make decisions about whether they want to pay me to do work, and, honestly, it’s terrifying cause it feels like my future is in their hands. If I can get enough games work to support myself it feels like I might be able to pull myself out of this burnout and depression spiral, if I have to go back to mostly working my day job I’m not really sure how I’ll cope.


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