Today I got some tasks done.

I got up a little early today, had my long shower, got dressed and then made breakfasts for Em and I and then managed to feed BMO and the finches and clean the kitchen and toilet before work. Work itself was mostly a bust where I couldn’t get things done for most of the day but I managed to sort out a little more of my birthday stuff so that was a win. Plus Dave arrived for coworking which was nice. After work I managed to make some progress on some commissioned work I’ve got and we ate some of the strawberry and rhubarb pie Emily baked and drank chai and then Emily headed off to her mum’s for the night.

Dave and I went for a walk after seeing Emily off and wound up at Fridays after five and got some dinner before heading back to the house to spend the evening sleepily watching Robot Wars and Adam Savage videos.

Tomorrow I’m gonna play some Hand Of Fate 2 on stream in the morning and then I’m honestly not sure what happens after that.


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