On Friday I was so excited for the weather to turn warm. I worked in the morning and Dave came around to cowork. Forb lunch I headed out into the lovely warm and got a prawn and chorizo pie from the bakery and it was amazing. In the evening after Emily had headed to her mum’s Dave and I went and got Paella for dinner at Fridays after five and then came back and watched the first episode of the new Robot Wars and then a bunch of Adam Savage videos.

On Saturday I played Hand Of Fate 2 on stream in the morning which was super neat. After my stream Dave turned up and the three of us had chai before I headed out to a doctor’s appointment which ended up being super late. After the doctor’s appointment I headed around to Simon and Jess’s and we had dinner and talked shit until 2am and then I crashed there on their spare bed.

On Sunday I had a nice lazy morning, having home made English muffins with Simon and Jess for breakfast and then ambling my way home after that. I’m not sure what happened to the rest of that day but I’m pretty sure it was mostly just chilling out.

On Monday I got shut down with a migraine. I spent basically the whole day napping today, apart from managing to get a load of laundry done and putting away the clean dishes. We started playing Alas For The Awful Sea on stream but Hayley’s technical difficulties and my growing headache meant that we cut it out after an hour and a half and then I spent the rest of the evening on the couch with a wet cloth over my eyes.

On Tuesday I had a diagnostic psych session. I only worked till lunch time and a bunch of that was meetings but after that I headed to Flinders and met up with Emily and spent a bit over an hour unearthing and digging through my trauma and mental health issues. Afterwards we went and got frozen yoghurt as a reward and then I went and spent the evening hanging out with Melody.

Today (Wednesday) we found out the results of the Marriage Equality survey. They came back positive and we should have Marriage Equality by Christmas but it was a pretty emotional time. After work we ran an errand and then spent the evening playing Minecraft on stream with Andrew which is always such a gosh darn lovely time.


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