Today’s I streamed for ten hours.

I was a little slow getting ready this morning but I managed to be on stream only fifteen minutes late. I managed to get up to the final card in Hand Of Fate but after playing for six hours I couldn’t beat it so now I have the dilemma of whether or not I spend another stream trying to defeat that last card boss or do I just start afresh with Hand Of Fate 2 for my next PC stream?

Afterwards I napped hard on the couch for a few hours and then managed to get the dishes done quickly enough to allow myself time to prep for Alas For The Awful Sea.

Our Alas game this evening was actually awesome. We built some excellent characters and I found my feet GMing it pretty quickly. I’m super keen to see how the game carries on from over the next few sessions.

Tomorrow I’m working in the city but I am feeling confident about my ability to get things done and then in the evening I get to go hang out with Melody and maybe Sarah.



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