Today I went on a scavenger hunt.

This morning I woke up to a reminder that today was Sarah’s J’s birthday party so I moved my streaming plans to tomorrow, spent the morning in bed trying to nurse my headspace into a good place and then, after we’d done The grocery shopping, I headed into the city. The party was mostly a picnic gathering with a ridiculous amount of baked goods and snacks. There was, however, a photo scavenger hunt so Genevieve, Josh and I formed a team and went and took photos of an ugly heritage building, our band EP cover, a cursed image, ugly Christmas decorations, and reenactments of film scenes.

Afterwards we picniced some more until it was finally time to head home where Emily and I had a lovely dinner together and started the new series of Stranger Things. The whole party was a super lovely time and I really like all those people and then it was really nice to come home to a lovely evening with Emily.

Tomorrow I’m gonna stream hand of fate in the morning and then alas for the awful sea in the evening.


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