Today I played roleplaying games all day.

I had a really hard time getting up and motivated this morning but I managed to shower and dress and take my meds and some food and do a load of laundry and feed and water most of the birds before our first game which I count as a pretty good set.

I was worried about running girl by moonlight today because we’ve had a break and I didn’t get to go over my thoughts beforehand but the game ended up being really good anyway, partially due to good design, partially due to the skill of the other players, and partially due to my GM on the fly skills. Afterwards I had a quick nap and then we did session zero of a DungeonWorld hack called Stonetop and I’m honestly so excited for this game now, the characters and our version of Stonetop we’ve created are SO GOOD. I can’t wait for the two weeks before our episode One.

Tomorrow I’m gonna play some video games on stream and try not get some resting done.


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