Today I tried to get back into my routine.

I had hoped the antidepressants would help me with my focus for work stuff seeing as a friend pointed out that it’s pretty probable that my focus issues are coming from my anxiety but I was pretty distracted today, mostly by Adam’s Wolfenstein stream but also from just feeling super weird again from bumping my meds up to the actual prescribed dose. I did manage to do a load of laundry though, even if I made a lot of weird sounds while I was doing it.

After work I managed to make myself go for a 40 minute walk with my mum which was nice enough and then afterwards Emily and in settled in and spent the evening playing No Man’s Sky on stream which was great, though I crashed a little after we finished.

Tomorrow I’m heading back in to work in the city and I’m feeling pretty grim about it but I’m hoping I can find a sense of ownership over my projects and get the work done.



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