Last week I went to games week.

So for most of games week my server was down so I couldn’t post to my blog and I might not have had the energy to do so even if I could have.

I spent the week in a weird headspace because of the high energy shit I was doing and the fact that I’m still adjusting to my antidepressants.

The first day of GCAP I actually had a massive panic attack and it was really nice to have both Emily and Dave there to take me to a corner, look after me and just generally help me down. The rest of the day did improve except for the part where I lost my phone which we eventually found the next day. I did enjoy getting to hang out at the networking event in the evening and talking to some super lovely people until it was nearly midnight.

The second day of GCAP was still bumpy but definitely smoother than the first. The Australian Game Developer Awards party in the evening which was really lovely. I did the networking I was planning on doing and got to share some lovely moments with amazing people and looked amazing while doing it even if my shoes were murder. Plus a game Damon worked on won an award which was super rad!

Thursday I attended the Women In Games Lunch and then made my way to the Tabletop Game Designers of Australia Devcon evening. One event wasn’t really for me and the other was kinda rubbish and I felt like I would have done better staying home and resting for the day.

Friday was the first day of PAX and I ran my 2017 State Of Queer In Gaming panel and it fuckin rocked and then I ran the con version of The Republic and it ran really nicely, though it’s hard to tell whether that’s due to my game design skills or my GMing skills.

Saturday was mostly me attending panels and running The Republic again and then, back at the apartment spent the evening preparing for the next day’s roleplaying games.

Sunday I was on Twitch’s stage and their main Twitch channel running Dungeons And Dragons for Ashley Jenkins, Mary Kish, Ally McClean, and Rae Johnston and then had to head immediately over to run another game of The Republic, after which I had a small gap for a nap before running Dread in an hour for I Am Not Trying To Kill You Live with Emily, David Hollingworth, and Emma Siu which was in the big Wombat Theatre and also streamed on PAX’s channel. With PAX done we did attend megadev but weren’t there heaps late because despite all the lovely people it was actually a pretty unpleasant environment.

Monday we drove home and I posted a little sermon about coming down from mountain tops on twitter and then we accidentally climbed an actual mountain when we stopped at Mount Zero for lunch.

Tuesday we did our taxes, cleaned the house, rested, and played Mincraft.

It was a massive week and I was a bit weird and kind of out of it for a bunch of it but I also achieved all the things I set out to do with great success so I’m really pretty proud of myself. It was also super super amazing to have both Dave and Emily there to support me all week as I doubt I would have done anywhere near as well without them.


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