Today (Sunday) I drove to Melbourne.

This morning we got up at a not unreasonable hour, I had a long shower, we finished packing and getting the house ready, and then, when Dave arrived, we drove to Melbourne. The drive was surprisingly easy and pleasant and a couple of times we went for an hour or so more than our allotted two hour stints at the wheel. Snacks, music, and good company helped a lot.

When we arrived we had a little trouble navigating Melbourne’s roads but made it safely to our Airbnb which turned out to be AMAZING and we’re super lucky to to have got it. We were all just going around being like “holy shit this is so nice!”

After settling in a little we headed down to a nearby supermarket, got some supplies and then came back and had dinner before slowly making our way to bed.

Tomorrow we’re probably going to catch up with Karri in the morning and then see Dancer for a late lunch in the afternoon.


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