Today (Saturday) I got my hair done.

I got up early enough today to do a load of washing and shower before heading to pick up Emily from Willunga after which we made it back home with just enough time to feed the birds before making our way to the hairdresser. I ended up being at the hairdresser for most of the day which was longer than Emily was expecting but my hair looked so good in the end. Afterwards we headed back home and I gave into a headache that had been chasing me all day and napped on the bed for a while. When I finally awoke I managed to put together a packing list before it was time for my PC stream. I played Hand of Fate for a few hours and chat was really nice and engaged which was great. After the stream I did manage to pack a bunch of stuff and do the dishes before bed so that we wouldn’t come home to a house that smells like bad dishes when we get home from games week.

Tomorrow we’re driving to Melbourne for games week and I’m excited but only as much as these drugs feel like they’ll allow.


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