Today (Friday) I finished work for the week.

I was up early this morning to head to my parents’ place by seven for Mum’s birthday breakfast. We all walked down the street to the general store and got hot drinks and muffins and had a nice little morning chat. Afterwards we headed home and I worked from home til the middle of the afternoon and despite falling asleep in my chair at one point managed to make my way through an important breakthrough for the project I’m working on. After work I went for my walk for the first time in ages, listened to campaign podcast and got a donut from the bakery and by the time I got back to the house Dave had turned up.

We spent the afternoon learning how to apply nail wraps which don’t seem to work as well for Emily and I as they do for Dave but we did that until it was time to drop Emily off at her mum’s and then Dave and I came back and spent the evening watching The Matrix and robot wars while we finished our nails.


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