Today (Sunday) I slept and felt a bit weird.

This morning I slept in till ten thirty our something gorgeous like that and then Emily and I had some breakfast together including the new kumquat marmelade on the special fennel and rotated rye bread that Simon had given us and fresh mango. Afterwards Emily did a workout while I had an important chat with a a friend which took a little longer than I expected. Then Emily and I went and got lunch from the bakery lunch and sat and ate it on the bench in the garden and then I followed that up with a nap. I’ve felt a little weird today in general and wondered if that was to do with the new drugs and it certainly kicked in more at the end of that mid afternoon nap. The nap ended though when it was time to play Torchbearer and the game was pretty excellent today and I feel like I was an actually decent player despite being slightly out of it. In our dinner break I had something maybe line a panic attack, it was weird and not something I’ve dealt with before but I managed to make it back to shore in order to play out the last hour of our game without much issue before we finished up for the night and retired to bed to watch Polar Bear’s Cafe and sleep.

Tomorrow Emily and I are going to see the new Bladerunner in the morning and then I’m hoping to get the dishes done before it’s time for IANTTKY which I still haven’t fully locked down?


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