Today (Saturday) I got new meds.

This morning I was up and presentable nice and early, ready to stream by nine thirty. I ended up playing Hand Of Fate for three hours instead of four because as much as I love that game I was pretty exhausted. I took a nap for forty five minutes on the couch and then felt awful waking up but still went to my doctor’s appointment. At the doctor I was prescribed antidepressants after managing to avoid them for years through chronic mental health issues. Afterwards I went and got the script filled and headed home where Emily and I had a cup of tea and a bit of a sit and talk. Once we’d finished our chat though we headed out to Simon and Jess’s place where we hung out ate WAY too much delicious Hainanese chicken and then eventually watched the original Bladerunner after several hours of technical difficulties. I’ve seen the start of that film many times over the years but never the end and the technical difficulties did make it seem like my curse would continue but we got there in the end.

Tomorrow we’ve got a mostly chill day planned until it’s time for Torchbearer in the evening.


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