Today (Tuesday) I watched Channing Tatum with Sarah again.

This morning I was pretty wiped out but I headed into work and spent the day trying to be productive through my plague of distracted. I managed to achieve a few small things but nothing like what’s needed right now. Once I was finished for the day though I caught up with Sarah M at the train station and we headed down to Marion where we got some ingredients from the super market which we then took back to her place where she taught me how to make a pasta sauce! And it was good! I’m not sure I’ll remember the recipe properly later but I’m gonna try my best! Once we’d eaten we did chat for a bit and I maybe ranted about how our culture’s obsession and requirement for conflict in all narratives is a function of patriarchy. Once we’d finished all the rants though we settled down and watched Jupiter Ascending because it was the first terrible Channing Tatum movie we could get our hands on. And it was terrible. A lot of the design was AMAZING but the script, acting, and action scenes were just the hottest mess and we had such a great time laughing our way though it. Once the film was over though it was quite late and I dallied for an little while but eventually headed off and arrived home well after my bed time.

Tomorrow I’m working from home, thank the gods but I’ll be fasting so that will probably balance out.


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