Today (Monday) I ran Girl By Moonlight.

This morning my planned sleep in was interrupted by a suddenly panicking Emily who thought she’d shot a bunch of footage for an important project in the wrong format and that it couldn’t be recovered. Eventually she worked out that it was fine and I rested a little more but didn’t get properly back to sleep. Eventually Emily did lure me out of bed though with tea and fresh warm banana bread. We took it over to the vardo as it was super nice outside and had our breakfast there and then just sat and chatted for a couple of hours, just working on our sync.

Afterwards we came back inside and I had my long shower for the week which amazingly didn’t really suck at all. I think my brain was too focused on game design and streaming stuff to freak out about anything more.

As I was getting out of the shower though my mum turned up with pastries from the bakery so I threw on some clothes and we went and had a light lunch on the bench in the garden. The pastries were obviously delicious and we had another nice little chat with mum before finally wrapping it up, biting the bullet, and heading inside to tidy the house. Emily had already started so I began on the dishes. I got most of them done but had to stop near the end to wake Emily from an impromptu nap with a cup of tea which then accidentally lead to me having a nap before finishing the dishes.

Once the dishes were all wrapped up I managed to sit down and prep for Girl By Moonlight which apparently mostly involved drawing some art and setting up assets in roll20.

Once the game got going, however, I suddenly felt a lot more confident. I wasn’t 100% across all the rules but I could barf story well enough that it worked out really well anyway and now I know where I want to focus on GMing better for this game in future.

Tomorrow I’m working in the city but I get to see Sarah M afterwards so I have something nice to look forward to.

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