Today (Sunday) I tapped the fuck out.

I felt awful waking up this morning but I made myself presentable and Emily and I headed out to solve the problem of getting some props for the music video she was shooting today from somewhere other than the person who had agreed to lend some to her because they had just changed their mind. We got it sorted relatively painlessly though and I dropped Emily off and headed into Tonsley for the last day of Hybrid World Adelaide.

I was wrecked, even feeling alive from caffeine I just had no spoons to be nice or help people or anything and as the crowd slowly started to arrive, hours into the event, I started to realise that it consisted almost entirely of bored children who expected me to entertain them, I pretty quickly misplaced any and all of the fucks I might have given and by 1 o’clock I was actually done done and I packed up my stuff and went home.

I got home to the sound of BMO trilling and the baby magpies in the bathroom chirping contentedly amongst themselves and then basically passed out on the couch for an hour. When I decided being awake was a good idea I removed my tights, freeing my furry legs for the sunshine and headed down to the bakery to grab some lunch which I then ate sitting on a bench in the garden in the warm spring air. I had planned a list of things I wanted to do that evening but between feeding, being climbed all over by, and eventually putting to bed the baby magpies, and also looking after a screaming BMO I mostly spent the rest of the night just watching Adam vods until Emily got home and it was time for bed.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I’m gonna sleep in, then I’m gonna do the dishes and then I’m gonna do nothing else except prep for and run Girl By Moonlight on stream in the evening.


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