Today (Saturday) I exhausted myself.

I was up early this morning again and got myself together and headed into Hybrid World Adelaide. When I got there we discovered that the temporary structures they had set up for the Indie games area had blown apart in the wind overnight and were unsafe so we got moved to another area where we couldn’t have proper signage. The crowd was busier than yesterday but still certainly not ideal, even if there were a few actually interesting or valuable punters amongst them. During the day we watched the structure we had been in blow down in the wind before being disassembled and then had to deal with the wind blowing directly into us, laden with dust triggering my allergies and getting on our equipment. I eventually bailed an hour early and drove my way up to Bear and Alison’s new place for a party. I was the first one there so we sat and chilled till the others arrived and I took some antihistamines to name sure my allergies didn’t flare up from the cat. Eventually Emily and Dave and Melody rocked up and it was a really nice time but I was so exhausted and drowsy from the medication that I spent most of the party partially or fully asleep. Though the bits where I fell asleep on cuties were nice. Eventually we had to leave just as other guests were arriving and we made our way home to crash in bed.

Tomorrow is the last day of Hybrid World Adelaide and I’m gonna get through it and then spend Monday resting.


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