Today I showed MachineSpirit games at #HybridWorldAdl

I got up at six this morning and kept myself quickly on time despite being pretty tired and managed to get myself presentable, pack all the needed gear into the car, fill up with petrol and arrive at Tonsley just before 8am, the time I’d been told to arrive to meet one of the organisers and set up for a ten am opening. When I got there though there was no one around so I got my stall set up in half an hour and then shortly after that the organiser arrived so I had an extra hour and a half to kill before opening. That hour and half was then the start of a full day of being uncomfortably chilly and pretty bored. I got to hang out with Matt Trobbiani a bunch which was fun but the audience was sparse and not very engaged in the indie games as a thing more than an idle novelty. Eventually I bailed fifteen minutes before the 6pm formal end because it was just so dead by that point. We did see some cool drone racing though and I’m thinking I might get to try flying a drone tomorrow if I can get away from my booth for long enough.

In the evening I came home utterly exhausted and so to chill out I decided to play expand on stream. It’s only a short game but it’s so finely crafted and I’ve played it before so I knew it would be a good way to unwind. What I didn’t expect, though, was to cry at the end of it. I wasn’t as emotionally free as I am these days last time I played through it, so when I found myself crying on stream, it came as a bit of a surprise, so then I was also laughing at how silly my crying was.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Hybrid World Adelaide but in the evening I get to go to a friend’s birthday party. Which should be extremely lovely and I’m very much looking forward to it.


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