Today I was preoccupied with tomorrow.

I woke up feeling so tired but I’m taking tomorrow off work so I didn’t want to try working from home today. I headed into the city and tried to make myself at least moderately productive though I’m sure I need some help to deal with my current issues around working my day job. Adam and Bluejay were both streaming though which was excellent for at least helping my mood if maybe not my productivity. Bluejay’s colouring streams especially are so completely lovely chill date feeling spaces, I just want to hang out there all day. Later on toward the end of the day though I managed to bash together a poster for We Are Seeds for Hybrid World Adelaide and went and got it printed after I was done. Once I got home at the end of the day I discovered a very unwell feeling Emily so I spent most of the evening keeping her company in the bed before eventually ducking out to the office to finish the last bit of work needed on Monadnock for the weekend demo and pushing out the build.

Tomorrow I have to be awake stupidly early to go and set up for the Hybrid World Adelaide conference and then demo for the first of three days.


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