Today I went on an art gallery date with my Emily.

We didn’t get going as quickly as I had planned this morning, mostly because I was being super picky about outfits in attempt to fight back against the massive dysphoria I’ve been dealing with this week. We also had to duck to the shops to get bread for toast which was an extra delay but we managed to make it out of the house by around eleven and then caught the train into the city to explore the art gallery. I really love the way the Art Gallery of South Australia is organised these days, and the collection is so brilliant. The fact that we have two Chapman Brothers dioramas in Adelaide stuns me. Afterwards we went and got hot chocolate from San Churro and ruminated on how the day and ourselves were quite sleepy and slightly dreamlike in some ways and how that meant our date felt a little distant but that we still live each other and that it’s nice to get to spend comfortable time together on a day out as something special even if it’s a little noddy.

Back at home we had some tasty Luke soup for dinner and then I had a little prep time before our Apocalypse World game. The game itself started out a bit slow with a really cool unexpected de-escalation of a scene and I was worried about having run out of places to point crosshairs with my exploration but then I somehow let go of the park break and dumped a bunch of content and now I’m feeling really good about the whole thing.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to work for the day and then catching up with Sarah M for dinner and I’m feeling super anxious about all of it but I’m sure it will all shake out fine by the end of the day.

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