Today (Sunday) I was really dysphoric but I got to be a mecha pilot so it was fine.

We slept in pretty late this morning because we were up so late last night but once we were up I decided to have my long shower for the week. I survived the shower ok but as I went about the putting on clothes and then doing my makeup I got fucking wrecked by dysphoria which was really embarrassing because I was being all angsty and mopey and bullshit while Luke was around cooking things with Emily who kept taking breaks to provide small bits of care as I needed it. Eventually though we had some of the soup that had been cooked for lunch and I gave up on fasting for the day because it would only make my mental health worse and then we made our way out of the house to Melody and Sarah’s place. Once we arrived Emily and I ducked to the shop to get chocolate to act as a mood stabiliser and then we eventually started on Girl By Moonlight, even if a little later than ideal. The game itself was excellent and we got to play the mecha playbook which was super rad and created a totally different feel to other games of GBM I’ve seen. We ended up going a bit late but not as late as last night and told a nice neat story in that time which was excellent.

Tomorrow Emily are going on a date to the Art Gallery which I’m super keen for, hoping I won’t be too drowsy from bad sleeping times.

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