Today (Saturday) I playtested The Republic.

I was up super early this morning to stream a couple of games of Armello with Kayne and then Andrew which was really fun even if the stream was quiet. I actually won all three games I played!

Afterwards Emily and I headed to Melody’s place where we played Across The Endless Sea with Luke and Melody and Liam which was neat and had a really cool time travel feel which was rad and then we got to meet Genevieve and I got to chat with Sarah who is really cool and I like talking to as we all got dinner cooked by the amazing Luke. After food though we got seriously into The Republic with Luke, Emily, Melody and Genevieve. I was surprised at how fun the game was and how invested everyone got in the world such was super great. We identified a couple of issues with the system but that’s a good thing when playtesting so it was ultimately a really successful night. Afterwards we sat and chatted for a while and didn’t get home until an actually ridiculous hour but I’m so fine with it because all these people are amazing and I love them.

Tomorrow Luke is gonna come around to make some soup and bread with Emily and then we’re gonna head back to Melody’s to playtest Girl By Moonlight. Hopefully we’ll get to playtest the brand new mecha playbook because heck I’m keen for some giant robots.


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